Nitro Wins 11th TAGS Championship

CONGRATULATIONS once again to all of our Nitro Swimmers, Nitro Families, Nitro Coaches and Support Staff on another Texas Age Group Swimming Championships (TAGS) WIN!! It is always a TOTAL TEAM Effort, and this short course championship was no exception.

There were 68 different teams represented at the fastest age group meet in Texas, and Nitro ended up on TOP. The top 10 teams and team scores are shown.

Team Name Points Scored

Nitro Swimming 1804
Lakeside Aquatic Club 1683.5
Alamo Area Aquatic Assoc 1348.5
Texas Ford Aquatics 1256.5
Cypress Fairbanks Swim Club 1182
The Woodlands Swim Team 1154
Magnolia Aquatic Club 935.5
Katy Aquatic Team 783
First Colony Swim Team 688.5
Rockwall 654
As our Nitro families (60 TAGS Individual Qualifiers, 25 Relay Only Athletes) and Coaches are traveling back to Austin, I want to wish them all safe travels, and a special Thank You for all the hard work and dedication turned in by all day after day, night after night.

Countless hours of selfless sacrifice goes into every season, so just wanted to say Thank You to our Families and Coaches for making Nitro the BEST in TEXAS yet AGAIN!

With a margin of victory being just 120.5 points between 1st and 2nd place, that can easily be attributed to a few of our relays that were made up of our Relay ONLY Swimmers!

This was a total team championship, and EVERYONE contributed to it! Well done. If anyone is counting, that is 11 out of the last 13 TAGS Championships going to Nitro, and 4 in a row!

We’ll have a more in depth meet recap in a few days. Highlights happened non-stop, and the mood of the Team was phenomenal throughout every session!

Long Course TAGS is just 17 weeks away!!!


Coach Mike

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