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See what our current and past parents have said about Nitro Swimming

You all have made a huge difference in our kids’ comfort levels regarding swimming and just being in or around water. I recognize that it’s the coach or swim instructors that can make or break the experience, and you guys have been a blessing.

Parten Family

Our experience at Nitro was fantastic. I am so grateful to your professional staff for teaching my daughter to swim with proper technique. I will not hesitate to re-enroll her nor to recommend Nitro to others. Thanks for everything. Take care.

Roxie R.

Eve and Kade have learned so much more beyond swimming at Nitro — about being healthy, having fun in sports and experiencing pride and independence. I often think how blessed we are to have access to such a wonderful program. I have to say I was never as confident at such a young age as my kids are and I know your teachers have been an influence that helped develop those skills. I hope we will be with Nitro for many years to come.

Sinclair Family

Before joining Nitro this year, Sevya has gone into pool only once in her life as a play date and had never seen anybody swimming before. Other than that she have never even visited swimming pool from outside as an audience. When we brought her to Nitro, we were not sure how she would react in water. What made us even more skeptical were teachers changing every session potentially. I thought that would be a lot for Sevya — but I was really amazed by the professionalism and love shown by the swim instructors. I am glad I chose Nitro out of all the options we had. Sevya now is very motivated for doing good in Nitro 2. She was really yearning for the graduation from Nitro 1 and getting the T-Shirt. Thanks a lot Nitro.


While on vacation, last week, my mother took the kids to the pool while I went to pick up dinner. When I returned she informed me that there had been an “incident” at the pool. My heart sank because POOL and INCIDENT should never be in the same sentence. Here is the set-up: Kids ages 6 and 4 – older child had taken Nitro classes for three years, younger child is in his first year (both have been attending since March 2010) All parties were in the pool before this event happened. While swimming, my younger son decided he wanted to visit the hot tub and bolted towards it before my mom could get out of the pool. It was marked 3 ft. Before she knew it and could get to him he jumped in . He immediately was in trouble because the water was WAY deeper than 3 ft. He is currently 42″ tall but the water was way over his head. She started screaming, ran towards the steps of the pool, and others ran towards the hot tub. To everyone’s surprise, out he came. She immediately asked him how he knew what to do and he replied “Swim lessons silly…my teacher taught me what to do. – flip over and get to the side!” So, thank you! THANK YOU for saving my child! He may not have progressed through all the stations in his first year but he learned the MOST important thing…how to be calm and respond when he gets into trouble in the pool. You all gave him the knowledge and skills he needed in order to get out of trouble!

Kirsten W.

I wanted to thank you and your organization for the great job they did providing swimming lessons for my daughter, Sarah. She was able to complete the Nitro II level 10 and graduate from the program yesterday. Tiffany took time after Sarah’s lesson and gave Sarah the graduation t-shirt. The coach that was working with Sarah’s group yesterday was wonderful with the kids, as all the coaches I watched over the last couple of months were wonderful with the kids. Although we are not able to continue with team swimming at this time, I just wanted to say “Thank You” to you and your organization. Sarah is hooked on swimming and will be joining a swim team as soon as our school and work schedules allow. I have and will continue to recommend your program to anyone I talk to that is interested in swimming.

Kristina H.

Thanks so much! You took a kid who refused to get his hair wet in the bathtub to one who LOVES swimming!

Anne H

Y’alls customer service and communication are superior! All of my kids love swim and talk about how much they are learning. The only complaint is they wish it was longer:). Are all your session just 30 mins? Just curious! Each week they can’t wait to learn a new skill or improve on a skill! Thanks I hope their love for this continues!


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