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Coach Mike~I would like to thank you for you as well as your staff’s professionalism that I experienced while my son participated in the summer swim team tune-up Saturday classes in the Spring. My son has never been truly competitive but REALLY has a love of swimming. We discovered the tune-up classes while looking for swim lessons for our daughter, and they were great. After several summers of swim team, my son still didn’t know how to really dive (or was afraid to try it). You took time out of your busy schedule to work with him on the side of the pool until we were both confident that he was able to achieve this goal. Wow! I am so impressed and grateful of your time and for your going the extra mile. It certainly says something about your program. I wish you many blessings in your business as I can tell it isn’t a business for you, it is a passion. Thank you so very much!

Dana B. Georgetown, TX

The meet that you did for the beginners a week or so ago, was great! It was a great experience for our girls. They were very nervous. But you and your coaches had it so well organized and positive…..We are so glad that our family is involved in Nitro!

Vickie and Dave A.

Coach Mike, This is just a note to tell you how much I appreciate the water in the Nitro pool. I recently replaced my old suit after 5 months of wear. There is absolutely no way my suit would last that long in the traditional chlorinated pool! Thanks for giving us a great place to swim!

Karyn S.

Hi Mike-I just wanted to pass this along…you deserve to know that we parents appreciate your hard work and that it really benefits everyone. For the 3 of us parents, our experiences coming from other teams really gives us a sense of appreciation for what you have going here at Nitro.


I removed my friends’ names below to make them anonymous since I didn’t get their permission to send this to you but I know they’d happily tell you directly how they feel. From: Friend 2 To: Friend 1 OK, I finally had time to read through this email. I’m also very glad that we finally made the move. This is just fantastic and the difference between this team and the old one is so huge. And you can’t even imagine that this can be like this until you try it and see how bad the other place was. Friend 1 wrote: I agree – It is all pretty amazing to watch. I really am SO GLAD I switched. Mike has created a wonderful swim team. Maybe there really is a reason why things happen the way they do. Friend 1 Mike has been such a postive influence on Kelly since she joined the team. He will always be “the coach” who inspired her to do great things. I love that his dream is now reality and you all have my 100% support. Bless you both for making this world a better place for our children.


Mike, thank you. Thank you for your kindness, generosity, loyalty, leadership and patience. What you gave to every single swimmer was priceless and can never be repaid. But whether it’s karma, fate, or God’s plan, I know that in my heart, because of your genuine love and goodness, you will continually to be phenomenally successful!!!

MaryAnn A.

Been meaning to tell you this at practice, but haven’t had a chance. Cailin had a school assignment where she had to describe herself. One of the words she used was athlete. I thought that was pretty cool a 9 year old is describing herself that way. After many attempts at different sports, swimming has been the only one she’s really enjoyed. She honestly has never complained about going to practice. She reads her swimming magazine from cover to cover and has set personal goals. She’s matured a lot this past year, and I know swimteam has a lot to due with it

Rosemary M.

My kids have gained so much from this experience. I feel like they are starting to make some long overdue connections and even starting to correct a few bad habits that they have picked up along the way. We have been doing summer league for several years and while I appreciate the friendly attitude of our coaches there hasn’t been the level of professionalism that I would like to see. For several years now I have been trying to find a year round program that seems appropriate for them but haven’t really been excited by the choices I have found. Until now, of course! My kids are not very athletically inclined but swimming works for them for all of the reasons you mention at practice and in your recap emails. They have fun, make new friends, learn self-discipline, get great exercise and gain self-confidence from accomplishing personal goals.

Stacey G.

I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times, but thank you so much for opening an indoor swim center. Yesterday I was able to get Maddie to swimming without all the arguing, cajoling and bribing that went on last year when the kids had to swim outside. When I picked her up at school, she excitedly told her friends she couldn’t wait to go to swimming because it would be warm in there. Thank you for offering this great facility to the kids of our area.

Regan C.

I know that this is where I want my child to be. I know he will be taught how to be a champ, not only in swimming, but in many other ways. Great job! See you and the other soon to be champs soon!

Fay G.

Just a quick shout out to your amazing staff. Our grandparents came to watch our 2 boys swim today, and they were SO impressed by what they saw. They had never seen anything like it- so organized, professional hard working staff, hard working kids in the pool, and all the work on fundamentals was impressive to them. They really appreciated that 2 of the staff were very complimentary to my son on the way out the door with his butterfly kicks. It made us smile & be proud to have our boys swimming at your pool! Thank you for all of the hard work and effort that goes into teaching swimming everyday to the kiddos.

Jenny S
Mom of T & T

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