April is Adult Learn to Swim Month

Summer is fast approaching, and this means it will be perfect weather to go hang out at the pool!  This may sound enjoyable to some but to those who don’t know how to swim, it might seem like a daunting task.  Well guess what??  April is Adult Learn to Swim Month!  Nitro would love to help you reach your swimming goals!  We offer Adult Group Lessons for those new to swimming or are looking for more experience!  We even have a Masters group that practices in the mornings for the more experienced swimmer!  For more information on our adult programs, please visit our website or call us at either front desk!  


Swimming isn’t just a sport, it is also a life saving skill that every individual should have the opportunity to learn!  Below is a testimonial from one of our longtime Adult Lesson swimmers.  


“My highlight on a freezing Austin morning is being able to swim all 23 lanes in a snake pattern, alternating between freestyle and breaststroke.  It’s hard to believe that before joining in adult classes back in August 2013 I could not float on my back.  Freestyle swimming used be an exhaustive struggle. Nitro coaches helped me shun chili-cheese-tots with onions and coffee from the breakfast menu; which was my notion of curb load.  Now I stick to fruits and shake and enjoy laps on the perfectly maintained pool.  As I work on other strokes I like to give a round of thanks to everyone at Nitro and encourage everyone to swim.”  –Zahed

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