Nitro Coaches Training with USA Swimming’s Top Stroke Technique Expert

nitro swimming coach training session 20160116Your Nitro Coaches were busy earlier today in between AM and PM practices. They had the fantastic opportunity to learn from USA Swimming’s #1 Stroke Technique Expert, Russell Mark. Russell could have visited any team in the area since he was here for the Arena Pro Series meet down at UT, but who did he decide to see? You guessed right! What an honor to have Russell working with our staff. I’m going to attempt a photo, but it keeps showing up as sideways, and not allowing me to rotate it, but let’s see what happens here ——- If it ends up sideways, just turn your head or go lie down and it should look normal!! If no picture, imagine the entire coaching staff in the viewing room excitedly listening and learning from Russell. The #1 point he made to all of us that USA Swimming is continuing to work on is to “enjoy the process.” He was with the US Olympic Team all the way through Trials, the training camps, and the Olympics in Rio. He said no one ever mentioned anything about medals – but they were all focused on each one getting a little bit better, concentrating on race strategy, how to respond when things don’t go the way you are expecting them to go, and they were there to support each other. We covered several other topics and went through the latest developments in stroke technique. Proud to say that we’re on the cutting edge. Advantage: Nitro.

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Joe Mink