Nitro Swimmer of the Month for September 2015

Cedar Park

High School Training: Akanksha Mehta – Cannot say enough about the kind of teammate Akanksha has been in her tenure with HST. When it comes to getting better, it is obvious that she takes it seriously- She pushes herself no matter the set, she’s consistently among the first to break the water at the beginning of practice, has never frowned or let out a moan when studying the board, when there are distractions she is the first to guide attention back, she is hungry to improve, and almost demands to get better. That kind of spirit is a joy to coach, contagious to be around, and is exactly the culture we want to continue to build in High School Training. Great job Akanksha, and keep up the great work! – Coach Nick

TAGS 2: Karsten Olsen – This past month he has been doing a fantastic job during practice. He has really started to commit himself to making his underwaters better. Couple that with the fact the he doesn’t want anyone to outwork him in practice and you have a recipe for a successful start to the season. He has already started to see some of that work pay off with some very strong swims to start off the season in our first meet. Congratulations and keep up the great work. – Coach Travis

TAGS 1: Bella Zapata – Bella is a perfect leader for our TAGS 1 group, she asks questions when she is not sure about things or does not feel comfortable with her strokes. She swam a great 1000 Free at the last UT meet and her consistent effort is paying off, she is adjusting to life in High School and High School swimming that comes with that. But her positive attitude never wavers she is always smiling and always positive. Looking for great things to come this season with Bella. – Coach Flo

Sectional Development: James McCurley – James has committed to making changes in all of his strokes and he is seeing the results in practices, but even more so at swim meets! I couldn’t be more excited to see him through this change and continually push him to the next level! Keep up the FOCUS! – Coach Jeremy

National Development: Ethan Gogulski – Ethan had a very strong month.  In practice, he stood out nearly every day by pushing the pace.  He’s also taken big strides in his commitment to doing things right.  His daily effort led him to achieving a lifetime best during a test set in practice, and then turning that into a strong UT Meet where he achieved a few more lifetime bests. – Coach Elliott

Bee Cave

Middle & High School Training: Anna Ringwood – Since becoming the lead coach of HS/MS training, Anna has clearly stood out to me as one of the leaders of the group. She makes the sets look easy and is a genuinely kind person. Great job, Anna! –Coach Peter

TAGS 2: Sergio Pereira – Sergio makes practice better, just by simply coming to practice. He is a wonderful team mate that is such a source of support that he doesn’t even know. He had an outstanding meet this month with Nitro’s IMX meet. His racing was exactly what I wanted to see out of the first meet of the season, and he got out of the water after each race and was content and willing to learn what he could work on to make himself even better. I enjoy working with him everyday at practice and he does such a great job of being apart of the Super 6 (the 6 boys of TAGS 2). Keep making each day great! – Coach Allison

TAGS 1: Jasmine Bui & Joe Gillett – Jasmine has had a great September, even fighting off a little bit of injury.  She leads by example with work ethic and technique.  Jasmine has had substantial time drops at both IMX and UT meet. We look forward to a big season for Jasmine.  Keep it up Jasmine. Joe Gillet has had an excellent month of September training.  He has had nearly perfect attendance and comes in ready to work hard every day.  He has put in a lot of work on his technique and it certainly is showing.  Proud of Joe!  Keep it up. – Coach Randy

National Development: Logann Khollman – Logann had a great start to the short course season. She has worked extremely hard both in and out of the water and I can see her confidence growing each time she walks onto the pool deck. During our 100 free test set, Logann had a huge breakthrough going 58.59 on the first and holding 58/59s the whole set. This was her first time ever breaking a minute! Keep up the great work and congratulations on a great month! – Coach Jason


National Group: Mary Traylor – Mary sprung into September with a new defined determination and work ethic. Everyday she came into practice with a more intense drive to improve in each practice. She backed up her new intensity with working harder and harder than each previous practice. We are very pleased to see this new transformation in Mary and we want her to continue this everyday going forward. Keep the momentum going Mary! – Coach Tim & Coach Robert

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