Nitro Swimmer of the Week for September 21st – 26th, 2015

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park: Trinity Solis – Trinity is one tough cookie! She is recovering from an ankle injury so wasn’t able to use her fins during our kick set, but she was determined to still have a productive practice! She worked hard and kept up with the group. Great job, Trinity! – Coach Jessie

Bee Cave: Bill Mar – Bill improved in his butterfly this week and was super excited to be at class. He made a point of asking important questions. Afterwards he said thank you for class! It’s the attitude that makes his swimming better. WELL DONE Bill! –Coach Sarah 


Cedar Park: Anish Joshi – Anish has had an outstanding couple of weeks of practice, showing that he wants to work hard to improve his techniques. He always comes in with a smile, and is always eager to build upon his strong swimming skills. All this culminated in a great meet at the AquaTex swim meet this past weekend, where he got many personal best times. Great job Anish! – Coach Adam

Bee Cave: Zoe Horsey – Zoe has done a fantastic job working on her strokes, under waters, and breakouts, in fact she has become my go to girl when I need someone to demonstrate breakouts. Zoe also swam her first ever 100 IM this weekend with great results, strong butterfly, fast hands on her backstroke, strong kick on the breaststroke, and a tall freestyle coming home. Zoe’s training is getting stronger and this weekend I saw her confidence grow, nothing by great races to come from this young lady! Great swimming young lady! – Coach Chuck

Technique & Fitness

Cedar Park: Phoebe Huang & Cole Quinney – Great this past week in the pool. Really saw some great effort and willingness to up your game. Phoebe great work with your underwater streamline and just having a great positive attitude. You are really an athlete that is a pleasure to coach. Cole has been swimming with Technique & Fitness group for some time and this past week he really opened our eyes to his ability to really focus and deliver. Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool – Coach Steve

Bee Cave: Taylor Thompson – Taylor brings an amazing energy to the team. She is everybody’s friend and is often the one I ask when I need something demonstrated. She is one of the most sunny and positive people that I coach; it seems like nothing can get her down! She is definitely deserving of the award this week! Great job, Taylor! – Coach Peter


Cedar Park: Autumn Matula – During the 200 IM at the meet this past weekend, Autumn tweaked he shoulder, causing a lot of discomfort. We tried a few things, but it was obvious it wasn’t going to be exactly fun swimming for the rest of the meet. At that point, she had the option of calling it for the weekend, or trying to work with it, which was totally up to her. After a bit of working it out, stretching, and rest, she hopped back in and finished out the weekend with some really solid swims. That’s the kind of heart I love to see, and the kind of spirit that definitely inspires beyond the pool. Great job Autumn! – Coach Nick

Bee Cave: Aubrey McLaughlin – Aubrey has really taken a big jump in her training and as a test she swam four 100 races this weekend, 100 IM wher she dropped 24 seconds to a B time, 100 back dropping 17 seconds to a B time, a 100 free where she dropped 15 seconds and just missed her B time by .22, but for me her best race was her 100 butterfly swimming a 1:54.09 to yet another National B time! Great work young lady. – Coach Chuck

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park: Danny Pineiro – There were several amazing swims over the weekend, and perhaps the most improved were from Danny Pineiro.  Danny has worked hard—sometimes struggling—on adapting to the workload and technique expectations of Advanced Silver.  No matter what, he kept his nose to the grindstone and fought to learn stroke skills.  It has already payed off as he held his own at the meet and finished top 12 in all seven of his events, often hanging with the fastest of his competitors.  Congratulations to Danny, the AS Swimmer of the Week! – Coach Alex

Bee Cave: Kendall Rieder – Kendall, your hard work in practice is paying off hard. Every time you hit that water, you come ready to be better in every stroke. Your red face in every set, always tells the truth about your performance 🙂 Just take a look at the excellent job you just did this weekend in the first meet of the season. Again, hard work, always pay off..keep it up Kendall! FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!!! SI SI SI!! – Coach Felix


Cedar Park: Oliver Rowe – Oliver had an excellent week of practice. Our focus was on Butterfly. He made significant changes, listened to instructions and is always eager for practice. He finished up the week with a great meet at the Round Rock Unclassified meet. Keep up the great work Oliver! – Coach Jeremy

Bee Cave: Kaylie Jones – Kaylie is such a great leader. She is always on top of the set and making sure the group is on the correct interval. I can always count on Kaylie to know where we are in the set and what the focus of the set it. Its refreshing to see her paying attention to each little detail of the workout. I appreciate her maturity and making my life a little bit easier when it comes to teaching the basics. She has developed great habits and I thoroughly enjoy working with her everyday. Kaylie, keep leading your group, and showing such a positive attitude each day.  – Coach Allison

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