A Fun Way to Practice Streamline at Home

“Streamline!”, shouts the coach and for good reason.  The moment right after diving in the water or pushing off the wall is very important.  Starts and turns generate a great deal of momentum for the swimmers and maintaining that energy going into the stroke can give the them a big advantage over their competitors.

 For helping to build the core muscles, coordination and muscle memory needed for a strong streamline dolphin kick off the wall, swimmers can use a hula hoop, or flexy-straw for you Hudsucker Proxy fans.  After getting the hoop going, swimmers put their arms up and, holding a tight streamline, keep the hoop going with a strong body-wave motion.  

 It is important to focus on the wave motion while keeping the head still, pressing from the sternum first and letting the wave roll down the body.  This opposed to “hinging” the body at the hips while keeping their backs and legs straight.

 See you at the pool and don’t forget to streamline!  – Coach Jeff




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Joe Mink