Nitro Swimmer of the Week 19th – 24th, 2014

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park: Kiersten Waworuntu – Kiersten did so well in the water this week! Her hard work is paying off – we focused on freestyle this week and Kiersten’s strokes are looked phenomenal!! We even learned a new drill & Kiersten listened carefully and mastered it well! Great job, Kiersten! So proud of you! – Coach Jessie

Bee Cave: Molly Jones – Molly has been doing such a wonderful job in practice lately.  I have watched her transform her swimming over the last few months.  She is so enthusiastic when she comes into practice and really puts all her effort into things.  She even goes above and beyond by trying to practice outside of the pool! This week she tried extra hard to master her flip turns. Awesome work Molly! – Coach Meghan


Cedar Park: Timothy Guam – This week we conducted our Never ending Kick set. This is where we do 50’s Free Kick on a interval that keeps getting faster every 50. The goal is to try to get to the fastest possible interval that you can without missing. This week Timothy was the only swimmer to make the 50 second interval. Congratulations and keep up the hard work. – Coach Travis

Bee Cave: Ben Hartman – Ben made some huge strides in his training this week. He was really zoned in on the technical side of breast stroke this week. Ben is starting to be a rising leader in the bronze group. Way to take ownership of your training, great job this week Ben! – Coach Adrian

Technique & Fitness

Cedar Park: Nicole Sprencel & Sanjay Amirthaj – Nicole really upped her game this past week.  We have a fairly new swimmer in her T/F group and Nicole took her under her wing and helped her adjust to life in the deep end encouraging her.  Sanjay has ditched the rash guard and is swimming swiftly through the water. He’s been really progressive in his open and free turns.  These two are really setting great examples of what it is to be a NITRO swimmer.  Great job you two thanks for being a part of the NITRO family and we’ll see you at the pool. – Coach Steve

Bee Cave: Nicolas Massaed – This week we worked on Breaststroke pullouts, which can take some time to be done correctly.   Nicolas did an awesome job.  His form and timing come pretty naturally to him.   His enthusiasm that he brings to swimming is also contagious Great workout Nicolas! – Coach Linda


Cedar Park: Sebastian Martinez – Sebastian is a quiet hard worker that’s really stepped up his game these past weeks.  He pays attention to the details and is a consistently hard worker.  More than all that he’s been an absolute star when we work on our underwaters.  Whether that means working on our underwater pullouts or our underwater dolphin kicks he’s consistently one of the best across all of the Silver groups.  Keep up the great work Sebastian! – Coach Dakota

Bee Cave: William Buchanan – This you man had a break through week, the streamline pushoffs have shown a large improvement, that put together with an improved timing on his breathing has produced a great looking butterfly. In the past Will might have struggled with the timing and smoothness of the stroke, but on Saturday it all came together, clean fast arm recovery, low quick breath, and a kick that drove the whole stroke, this was the turning point that pushed the stroke to its limit. Will now has a butterfly that is exactly what the gold group is trying to perfect. Great job Will your hard work is well rewarded! – Coach Chuck

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park: Julia McCurley – Never once have the Advanced Silver coaches have seen Julia with a frown.  She is a very warm individual who raises the spirits of those around her.  Recently, Julia has turned on her competitive side and started attacking hard sets.  We are excited about Julia’s future in the sport and encourage her to keep the intensity up.  Great job, Julia! – Coach Alex

Bee Cave: Charley Eagle – Charley has been doing a great job since moving to the group several months ago.  He gives me complete effort every time he is in the water, listens well and demonstrates his desire to be here with his actions.  So, when Coach Mike suggested that Charley be the Swimmer of the Week I had no reservations whatsoever in agreeing with him.  Coach Mike sees the same thing that I do in Charley: a young athlete, determined to improve and having fun achieving success in that goal.  Keep up the great work Charley! – Coach Jeff


Cedar Park: Taylor Shorb – This week she has really stepped up her training. She decided that she wanted to lead her lane during most of the practices. I hope she continues her level of training moving forward. Congratulations and keep up the great work. – Coach Travis

Bee Cave: Matthew Villagomez – Watching Matt swim his butterfly this week really tells the tail of how hard he has been working, smooth, low breath, quick arms over the water, and a great kick! Now Matt calls himself a breaststroker but I told him to think of himself as an IMer, and with the fly he is always improving, we should see some very fast IM times coming very soon. Then add the freestyle, which was a 1:05 long course meters at UT, put together with his breaststroke, you couldn’t ask for a better back half of a race. Matt its time to run down that 400 IM time, great training sir! – Coach Chuck

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