Nitro Swim Team Tuition

2021-22 Nitro USA Swimming Groups Tuition

The following 9-Month Tuition model applies to Nitro Bee Cave and Nitro Cedar Park locations only.
The 9-month tuition model does not apply to Steiner Ranch due to the shortened rental arrangement we have there.

Nitro calculates our monthly tuition based on a 9 month fee schedule.
The tuition “year” typically runs from September 1st through the end of the following August.

  • For example, if a swimmer begins with us in September, and they continue to participate/ pay their monthly tuition each month for 9 months through the end of May, then that swimmer would not pay any tuition for the months of June, July, or August.
  • Example #2: If a swimmer begins their “year” with us in October, and they continue with us for nine consecutive months, then when they have fulfilled their 9 months of tuition (end of June), they would NOT pay any tuition for July or August.
  • Example #3: Swimmer begins with us in November. They continue with us for 9 consecutive months and fulfill their 9 months of tuition in July, they would not pay any tuition for August.
  • Example #4: Swimmer begins with us in December or beyond. They would not receive any tuition free months since their 9 months of consecutive tuition would not be fulfilled before the start of the next year (September).

Nitro also offers multiple swimmer discounts for certain groups.

  • Multiple swimmer monthly tuition discounts apply only to the following groups:  Bronze, Silver, Gold, Prep, Prep +, Senior, SD, Performance.  Discount applies as follows:
    • 2nd swimmer deducts $15 from monthly total due,
    • 3rd swimmer deducts $20 from monthly total due,
    • 4th swimmer deducts $20 from monthly total due,
    • 5th Swimmer deducts $20 from monthly total due,
    • Discounts do not apply to swimmers in Masters, TF1, TF2, or Intro to Nitro, or swimming lessons.

Tuition for Bee Cave and Cedar Park Locations 2021-22

Follows 9-Month Tuition Model described above.

Nitro Team Registration fee:

  • All Groups - $235 per swimmer
  • Any additional siblings - $185 each

Monthly Tuition for Each Group:

  • Race Ready 1 x a week $77.25
  • Intro 1 x a week: $77.25
  • Intro 2 x a week: $128.75
  • TF 1 x a week: $77.25
  • TF 2 x a week: $128.75
  • Bronze: $168
  • Silver: $199
  • Advanced Silver: $232.75
  • Gold 1: $261.50
  • Gold 2: $261.50
  • Senior-Bee Cave: $226.50
  • Senior-Cedar Park: $232.75
  • Prep: $292.50
  • Prep+ : $311
  • Sectional Development: $311
  • Performance Group: $349
  • Performance Group +: $349


Tuition For Steiner Ranch Location 2021-22

Steiner Ranch (Seasonal: Aug 16th 2021-April 28th 2022) at the heated Bella Mar Pool (outdoors)

  • Intro to Nitro: Tu/Th 4:00- 4:45PM -  $114.50
  • Technique and Fitness (TF): Tu/Th 4:45-5:30PM -   $114.50
  • Bronze 1: M/W/Fri 4:00-4:45PM -   $133
  • Bronze 2: M/W/Fri 4:45-5:30PM -   $133
  • Silver: M-Tu-Wed-Th 5:30-6:30PM -  $155.50
  • Steiner 5: M, Tu, Wed, Th 6:30-8:00PM; Fri 5:30-7:00PM (More practice time this season!) -   $196