Nitro 2022-23 Swim Team Tuition

Nitro Team Registration fee: 

  • All Groups - $150 per swimmer
  • Any additional siblings - $100 each

USA Swimming Registration fee: 

  • All Groups - $88 Per Swimmer
  • Note:  USA Swimming Fee is separate from the Nitro Swim Team Registration and is required by all groups. Upon Registering for the team the USA Swimming link will be sent to you to complete.

Nitro Bee Cave and Cedar Park Monthly Tuition for Each Group: 

  • Race Ready: $79.50
  • Intro 1 x a week: $79.50
  • Intro 2 x a week: $132
  • TF 1 x a week: $79.50
  • TF 2 x a week: $132
  • Bronze: $172
  • Silver: $205
  • Advanced Silver: $239.75
  • Gold 1: $268
  • Gold 2: $268
  • Pre-Senior: $184
  • Senior-Bee Cave: $232.50
  • Senior-Cedar Park: $239.50
  • Prep: $299.50
  • Prep+ : $320
  • Sectional Development: $320
  • Performance Group: $349
  • National Group: $359

Steiner Ranch Tuition for 2022-23 

Note: Steiner Ranch (Seasonal: Aug 22nd 2022-April 28th 2023) at the heated Bella Mar Pool (outdoors)

  • Intro to Nitro: -  $118
  • TF: -   $118
  • Bronze: -   $137
  • Silver: -  $160
  • Steiner 5: -   $202 


2022-23 Nitro USA Swimming Groups Tuition Model 

The following 9-Month Tuition model applies to Nitro Bee Cave and Nitro Cedar Park locations only.
The 9-month tuition model does not apply to Steiner Ranch due to the shortened rental arrangement we have there.

Nitro calculates our monthly tuition based on a 9 month fee schedule.
The tuition “year” typically runs from September 1st through the end of the following August.

  • For example, if a swimmer begins with us in September, and they continue to participate/ pay their monthly tuition each month for 9 months through the end of May, then that swimmer would not pay any tuition for the months of June, July, or August.
  • Example #2: If a swimmer begins their “year” with us in October, and they continue with us for nine consecutive months, then when they have fulfilled their 9 months of tuition (end of June), they would NOT pay any tuition for July or August.
  • Example #3: Swimmer begins with us in November. They continue with us for 9 consecutive months and fulfill their 9 months of tuition in July, they would not pay any tuition for August.
  • Example #4: Swimmer begins with us in December or beyond. They would not receive any tuition free months since their 9 months of consecutive tuition would not be fulfilled before the start of the next year (September).

Nitro also offers multiple swimmer discounts for certain groups. 

  • Multiple swimmer monthly tuition discounts apply only to the following groups:  Bronze, Silver, Gold, Prep, Prep +, Senior, SD, Performance, and National.  Discount applies as follows:
    • 2nd swimmer deducts $15 from monthly total due,
    • 3rd swimmer deducts $20 from monthly total due,
    • 4th swimmer deducts $20 from monthly total due,
    • 5th Swimmer deducts $20 from monthly total due,
    • Discounts do not apply to swimmers in Masters, Pre-Seniors, TF1, TF2, Intro to Nitro, or swimming lessons.