Nitro Swimming – Swimmers of the Week for October 15 – 20, 2012

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park:Olivia Valdez – Olivia has been working very hard to perfect her underwater push off on her stomach and her back.  This week during practice Olivia achieved her goal and was asked to demonstrate for the group.  She does a great job of starting deep enough under the water to get in all four body waves, both on her stomach and her back!  Along with working hard on her under-waters Olivia has been mastering her flip-turns and clock watching skills.  Continue with the AWESOME work Olivia!!!

Bee Cave:Gavin Bichlmeier– Gavin is an excellent example of what a coach is looking for in a swimmer. He is an excellent listener, asks questions, answers questions, he has a desire to learn and improve. Gavin continuously has a smile on his face, with a great attitude to match. Keep up the Awesomeness!


Cedar Park:Anoushka Narayan– Anoushka has been a great job focusing on very small details of swimming. She is constantly working on listening and improving her technique. Her turns this week have been incredible as she is doing exactly what she needs to do by pushing of on her back for freestyle flip-turns not breathing until she has taken two freestyle pulls. Keep up the great work Anoushka!

Bee Cave:Charley Strassman– Charley joins us from Nitro 2 with an obvious ready-to-learn attitude.  He makes adjustments and works on his technique very well, taking into account what each coach tells him.  Challenging himself each practice, we are looking forward to Charley bringing a great positive energy to the group. Good job, Charley!

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park:Sofia Currie and Eric Chen – These two swimmers have been swimming with the group for a few months and have shown great improvement in their technique.  We can really see them cutting through the water, good streamlines and turns.  We worked on butterfly this week and they both had good timing with their arms and hips.  Great job you two, thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool.

Bee Cave:Sam Foit– Sam has really stepped up his work in the pool. His focus and attention to detail has his backstroke looking very smooth. He is also developing a competitive side that I haven’t seen. Keep up the great work!


Cedar Park:Samir Anwar & Maya Lyles– Samir and Maya have always been a good listeners but just recently they have started to understand the difference between doing the workout and working the workout.  If you choose to do what is asked if you then you will show progress, however if you choose to go beyond what is asked and push yourself you will show a lot more progress in the same amount of time.  These two swimmers went from going last in their lanes to leading them in just one week.  Keep up the effort you two!!!

Bee Cave:William Wallace– As coaches we look to see what will it take to help a swimmer to get to the next level? William had a very good week, and it wasn’t because he did everything correct, or that he made every interval, but when he struggled and had trouble catching his breath on a difficult kicking drill, he never gave up, he never quit, and refused to put fins on to make it a little easier, this was something he was going to beat! This is the kind of attitude in practice that makes it exciting for me as a swim coach to watch a swimmer break through!

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park:Preston Noonan– Preston impressed all of us this week-coaches and teammates alike-with his kicking ability. He’s learning to add that into his swimming which should make for some great time drops soon! Keep up the good work Preston!

Bee Cave:The Whole Advance Silver Group– I was really impressed with the whole group. After starting the week with some fly stroke work, I challenged them with a tough IM set on Wednesday and a freestyle test set on Thursday. As a group, they stepped up and rose to the occasion putting in a great workout and showing me what they can do when they put their minds to it. Well done!


Cedar Park:Siddhant Shetty– Sid has been swimming at an incredible pace over the past few months and it really paid of during the last UT meet, being rewarded with 26.66 in the 50 Free and barely missing the coveted under one minute mark by just a few hundredth of a second. We will miss Sid has he starts his next journey in swimming with the Senior group. Farewell and good luck Sid!

Bee Cave:Julia York– This Week Julia showed what it takes to become a great breaststroker, and impressed her coaches in a major breastroke set where she held her 200’s under 3:15! Julia used great technique and a focus that took her from starting the set last in a lane of four swimmers to taking control of the set and the lane while leading more than the last half. This made the other three swimmers chase her, which forced them to step up their game as well! Great gob Julia!

Congrats to all of our Swimmers of the Week!! Go Nitro!!