Nitro Swimmers of the Week for December 25–31, 2017

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park: Allison Mathias and Devin Fogel
Allison flies under the radar sometimes, but I’m always happy to see her face at practice. She did a great job this week with 10-kick switch drill, separating her breath and her arm switch. She does the little things right, but even better, I love the attitude she brings to practice.
Devin gets the award for loudest cheerer this week! We did relays and he led the way cheering for his lane. Great quality in a teammate! Devin brings a great attitude to practice every week as well and is always ready to have fun. I’m glad to have both Allison and Devin in my group! Great week, y’all—congratulations!  —Coach Lindsay

Bee Cave: Austin Gramling
Wow, this kiddo can streamline! Austin has come a long way since joining Intro to Nitro. Slightly timid and a bit nervous, he has really come into his own—making friends, leading the lane, and just having a good time. Each and every practice Austin makes improvements not only in technique but confidence as well. His freestyle looks smoother with a quick low breath. He can maintain flexed feet throughout our breaststroke week and is figuring out the glide with a low head position. From streamline to bodyline, Austin holds a tall body position in freestyle. I love how Austin always leaves with a smile on his face. Keep it up Austin! You’re doing GREAT!  —Coach Raven


Cedar Park: Max Kumets 
I’m not quite sure what brought it on, but Max has been working harder than I’ve seen before these last few weeks. He is pushing himself on the kick sets, taking no short cuts. Max is becoming more and more focused on his underwaters, and when he starts off a 25 with a great streamline, I know he is making moves. I’m looking forward to that continued hard work in the New Year, way to go Max! —Coach Adam

Bee Cave: Ella Mitchell
WOW! I’ll say that again, WOW!! This young lady is just so much fun to coach, I just love her streamlines, and her pullouts are even better, but her kick is superior, and she can demonstrate almost anything we are working on at any given moment. Ella has so much fun in the pool with big smiles all the time but the smiles on the coaches who work with her may still be bigger. Right now of the Swimmers I’ve worked with here at Nitro I would be hard pressed to find a Swimmer who swims taller in the water than Ella! Keep an eye on this young lady and remember, WOW! Great Job Young Lady! —Coach Chuck

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park: Neil Shetty
Neil was hesitant when he first joined TF and was a little apprehensive about swim team. Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a difference as he becomes more and more confident in his swimming. He’s been working hard on picking up a new skill every week, and at the end of every practice he leaves with a smile and a high five. Nice job, Mr. Neil—keep it up, and you will just keep on getting better! —Coach Lindsay

Bee Cave: Star Hooper
Apart from having one of the coolest names, Star is one of the coolest kids I know! He’s been focusing extra hard since round two began, taking his time and mastering both concepts thus far. It’s not just as we learn them either – I can tell Star is thinking about the process during our review time. Outstanding! He’s got good character, too. Star is a respectful young man. He listens attentively while providing signs of a good audience member. He leans in, he nods, he keeps eye contact. You’ll know you’ve got Star’s undivided attention in a conversation! He works very hard during our main sets. You can tell because he’ll huff and puff! Star is a man of integrity, and I’m honored to be his coach.  —Coach Jonny


Cedar Park: Sydney Masgras
Sydney has totally rocked her swimming in the past few months both in attitude and hard work! It is excited to watch her “fly!” I am proud of her hard work so far this season, and an anxiously looking forward to her success this year. —Coach Paige

Bee Cave: Ryan Gualandri 
The past few weeks, we’ve had the chance to get down to the nuts and bolts of each stroke, and Ryan, making the most of this slowed down holiday season, really shined. Whether it was focusing on working his legs, or keeping a low/stable head position, he applied every idea, and solidified some strong new habits. Now, those are just a few notes to pin to his work resume. Ryan himself, our unofficial timekeeper of practice, is a bright kid, and sharp as tack (don’t slip up in front of this man, he’ll make you pay!) 
However, the special thing is, he not only asks questions and takes direction, but also contributes to the process – what feels comfortable to him, which breathing pattern works best. Step by step, I am witnessing the emergence of him, taking ownership of his swimming. As coach and swimmer, we often share a responsibility of the work the swimmer puts in – how they look in the water, racing strategies, I mean, there is just a lot that goes into 50 yards! But as swimmers grow, they begin to pull on that chord, and begin to take on more and more responsibility for the work they put in the pool. 
When this happens, it no longer turns into a lecture that a coach gives to a swimmer, but it evolves into a conversation a coach has with a swimmer. It has certainly been a pleasure to be able to not only watch that conversation emerge in Ryan, but also be a part of it! Great job Ryan! Every single day, you raise the bar! —Coach Nick

Advanced Silver

Bee Cave: Madeline Stokes
Madeline has been ON FIRE lately. She is hungry since mid-season move ups–yes, leading the lane and giving it her all each and every lap. She attacks dry land with purpose and almost always has something uplifting to say. The new swimmers feel welcomed in her presence. I can’t wait to see what she does at the next meet and over the course of the next year. Keep grinding, Maddie! —Coach Bobby

Gold 1 & 2

Gold 1 CP: Jessica Li 
Since it is winter training time, swimmers are being pushed more and asked to do more. Jessica is doing a great job stepping up in practice. She is someone I can count on to take the tough route in practice, like butterfly on our choice sets, and underwaters on her back, things that some kids shy away from. I can also tell she is eager to get better as she is always asking how she didn’t practice. Keep it up Jessica! —Coach Adam

Gold 2 CP:  Victoria Vujosevic
One of the most important elements of young athletes’ training is high effort at practice.  While many of Gold II does a great job putting in said effort, some go above and beyond.  Victoria isn’t just someone who puts in the hard work – she wants to put in the most work.  Great swimmers like her aren’t just willing to train—they’re downright hungry—and there’s no swimmer at Nitro more hungry for success than Victoria.  In fact, just last week, she got up on the block at the end of practice and busted out an unrested TAGS hard cut in the 50 free!  It’s incredibly rewarding to see that kind of hungry attitude get the results we want.  Keep shoveling that coal, V! —Coach Alex

Bee Cave: Alan Chu
This past week swimmers have been in and out with the holidays and other commitments. Alan has been constant throughout the week, and I have been very impressed with the shift in his training. He has been able to manage his time in the water well, and I saw growth from him. He kept his focus on pushing himself outside of his comfort zone and he reached a few need intervals and goals that he hasn’t before. I was excited to see him do this, whether he knew he did or not! Lets keep it rolling into 2018, Alan! —Coach Allison