Nitro Swimmers of the Week for August 7–13, 2017

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park: Sean Ratliff and Avery Chen
Intro worked on not just freestyle this week, but we also did a lot of streamlines and underwater push-offs. Avery demonstrated both of those skills almost perfectly. It’s hard to remember to bring arms to a streamline while pushing off, do five body waves and then break out pulling only one arm down…but Avery did it all! We also practiced a lot of head position, and I want to give Sean a shout-out for that. He started with his head a little high, but once it clicked–wow! Great head and body position leading to an overall better stroke. Awesome job you two! —Coach Lindsay

Bee Cave: Sophia Spadini and Derek Wei

This past week, Intro to Nitro worked on understanding the Individual Medley (IM) and dives. Derek’s progress really showed this week when putting on four strokes together. He nailed the 100-yard IM focusing not only on the strokes but two-hand touches and underwater push-offs. In addition, he’s learning how to be tall and have a good bodyline on all four strokes Sophia has also made great progress this summer. Her breaststroke is really coming along and she is continuously working towards pushing off underwater in streamline. In addition, her positive attitude and sweet smile brighten the pool deck! I’m proud of these two munchkins and look forward to their continued progress! Way to go Sophia and Derek! —Coach Raven


Cedar Park: Ronald Chou

Bronze worked on their flip-turns last, and I saw some really great things from Ronald. First, he kept his freestyle smooth going into the turn, making sure he got both hands to his side before he flipped. Ronald also made sure he wasn’t lifting his head to get a breath before his flip, something he has needed a few reminders on before. Ronald has come a long way in the group, and that’s all down to his hard work and focus. Keep it up Ronald! —Coach Adam

Bee Cave: Carolyn Grant

Carolyn has done a great job this week, she has moved into new surroundings, changed lanes, switched from following in a lane to leading the new lane, and is now racing the other lane leaders. This week we had a backstroke focus and the tempo of her arms has greatly improved while her bodyline and head position are tall and clean! Every day this week I saw a whole new young lady swimming fast, clean, and more importantly confident, one eye to the competition with the other on the clock! Great job young lady! —Coach Chuck

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park: Rebekah Wilks and Casey Henne

Awesome job you two with your breaststroke. Timing of your breathing and kicking was spot on! Great job on a good long glide as well. Probably the most improvement was in the timing of your basic PULL, KICK and GLIDE. Everyone did awesome this past week and looking forward to a fantastic fall season. Thanks for being a part of the Nitro family and we will see you at the pool. —Coach Stephen

Bee Cave: Ethan Sarwar

Ethan had tremendous sportsmanship during our relays on Saturday. As his team’s captain, he led humbly and generously. Instead of bossing his own teammates around, Ethan asked each of his teammates which position they’d like to go in every relay race. Even when his team lost, he would congratulate the other teams. My favorite part was when he gave a special handshake and thumbs up to his specific competitors. That’s the kind of stuff I’d like to see from all my TF swimmers! Ethan is a good guy. —Coach Jonny


Cedar Park: Nathan Isaac

This week Nathan worked hard on free technique as we discussed ways to make the stroke more efficient. He made an effort to extend his arms longer, rotate more into his stroke, kick more consistently, and breathe low every 3 strokes. Nice job, Nathan! —Coach Claire

Bee Cave: Salina Mu

What a week for Salina! We worked on our dives everyday last week, and I saw an improvement out of literally every Silver swimmer! We did our dive progression and various drills, and Salina was one that really turned the corner on her dive. The improved power, confidence, and technique in her dive was so great to see. Her streamline was tight from her fingers to her toes, she had a great line of entry, and you could just tell she was becoming more and more comfortable and confident with every dive. Salina’s dive was something she used to struggle with but not anymore! Great job, Salina! —Coach Peter

Advanced Silver

Bee Cave: Daniel Ybarbo
Daniel has had a tremendous summer with Advanced Silver! I saw Daniel’s tenacious work ethic on main sets as he strove to earn the 1st position daily. I enjoyed watching him as he dedicated himself to working on his butterfly daily – to much improvement now! Daniel’s quiet nature brought a sense of steadiness yet silliness to our afternoon group as the team worked hard. Looking forward, I can’t wait to see what the fall season holds! —Coach Paige

Gold I & II

CP Gold I: Tamara Rhodes

Gold has been doing things a little differently the past couple of weeks, finding ways to keep things interesting while the season draws to a close. Tamara has shown a willingness to try things she hasn’t before in the pool, ready for whatever silly challenge I have for the kids. Tamara hasn’t always been this way, so it’s good to see her growing and adventuring outside her comfort zone. Way to go Tamara! —Coach Adam

CP Gold II: Meredith Wolfe

Meredith is what you get when you put a lot of skill in a little body. She is not the intimidating type, as she’s always smiling and laughing with her teammates. However, when Meredith takes off from that block she is lightning quick. I love her determination and effort and how it balances her carefree attitude. Keep howling, MereWolfe! —Coach Alex

Bee Cave: Owen Crowns

Wow, Owen, you have been catching some serious water lately. I am so excited to continue to work with you this next short course season, because I know you will succeed. I love the fact that Owen is very aware of his swimming and is constantly looking for ways to get better. He is very real with himself, and is aware of how he can get better. He has been rocking this past week, and its been a great way for all of us to take a step into the focused side of things. It has been a joy working with you Mr. Owen, and I can’t wait to continue to getting better as a coach coaching you! —Coach Allison