Nitro Swimmers of the Week for September 9 – 14, 2013:

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park:Daniel Hicks– Daniel is a new swimmer with us at Nitro. I noticed that he’s always asking the coaches and I for feedback on how he’s doing on certain freestyle drills, which I think is awesome. I’m proud of how hard he has worked to improve his freestyle, and it shows. Way to be proactive, Daniel! Keep up the great work! – Coach Kirsten

Bee Cave:Garrett Eadie– Garrett has done an amazing job since he has joined Nitro in August. He loves the water so much you can just see the excitement in his eyes. He always has the best smile on his face before practice because he is ready to learn something new and try his best. This week we worked on freestyle and backstroke and Garrett did fantastic. He had great had position quick breathing during freestyle and he was excited to do demonstrate during some drills that it made his day. Keep up the great work Garrett. – Coach Nikki


Cedar Park: Julia Gonczar– Every time she has pushed off the wall this week she has had a perfect streamline and did at least 3 dolphin kicks. – Coach Travis

Bee Cave:Claire He– Miss Dependable.  Claire has really stepped it up and been able to become a leader over the last couple of weeks.  She watches the clock and makes sure her lane and the lanes around her are leaving on the interval.  She is also an active listener which ensures that she is doing the correct activity on each lap which is helpful when you have those kiddos who figure out what they’re doing from looking at others. 🙂 – Coach Hannah

Technique & Fitness

Cedar Park:Julia Marionne & Philip Dinh- These two athletes have been with the T/F group for some time and never fail to lead their lanes, laugh at the bad joke of the day and have an overall genuine WANTING to be part of the NITRO family.  Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we'll see you at the pool. – Coach Steve

Bee Cave: Jordan Cox– This week Jordan did a phenomenal job with our freestyle and backstroke practices. She always arrives early with a big smile on her face. Her attention to every streamline push off has her zooming through the pool. It’s always a joy to have her in the group. Keep up the great work Jordan! – Coach Adrian


Cedar Park:Kianna “Kiki” Kapa– While the group has been working on stroke technique and drills this week Kiki has shown a great ability to learn new techniques and maintain them when given the chance to get up and go fast!  She’s been a tremendous addition to the Silver group and the coaches are very excited to see how she progresses during the coming season.  Keep up the great work Kiki! – Coach Dakota

Bee Cave:Catherine Manning– Catherine has been on fire this last week, her kicking is tops and the length off the walls is what every swimmer should be reaching for. I really love her attitude and the excitement that Coach Adrian was showing towards some of her sets this week shows how dedicated and focused she is right now. I’m looking forward to seeing her first meet. Great job Catherine! – Coach Chuck

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park:Emma Moran– Emma has been very consistent in attending practices.  She has also been working very hard on improving her strokes and technique.  In dry land Emma works hard to ensure she is following the correct technique while continuing to bond with her team mates. – Coach Scott

Bee Cave: Hadley McCormick– Hadley did a great job this past week.  She has focus and determination and I love seeing her at the pool.  She brings up the others in her lane and is always ready to volunteer to demonstrate.  What really sets her apart, though, is her ability to take what the coaches say and translate that into physical movement. Sometimes, it is difficult to know what your arms and legs are doing.  You may think they are doing one thing and, in fact, they are doing something quite different.  Hadley has a very strong since of what her body is doing and she uses that ability to adjust her strokes and respond the instruction of her coaches.  In addition to all that, she has a great attitude that communicates just how much she wants to be here. Keep up the great work Hadley! – Coach Jeff


Cedar Park: Rachel Jacops & Reaghan Piotrowski– Reaghan & Rachel had some amazing workouts this week each their own in particular. Great job leading the group and working to and beyond your limits. Congrats!! – Coach Travis & Flo

Bee Cave:Daniel Li– This last week we did a 500 Free for time and Daniel went a6:48 and maintained 40 second splits on all the 50’s.  Coming from an eight year old’s first attempt at the race I think that is pretty spectacular.  In addition to him having a great first swim he has a fantastic spirit about him.  He’s always smiling and you can see that he enjoys the journey just as much as arriving at his destination. – Coach Hannah