Nitro Swimmers of the Week for October 3–9, 2016

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park: Dhaani Gohel

Since Dhaani joined the team she has worked super hard and is always bettering herself. Every day when Dhaani shows up she always has a smile on her face and cannot wait to get in the water. Dhaani always pays attention to what the coaches are saying. This week Dhaani showed the coaches how much she’s been working on her butterfly kick and mastered the rhythm of it. Great job and keep it up!! —Coach Hannah

 Bee Cave: Hutton Lehmberg and Alex Hurd

Hutton and Alex both rocked breaststroke week. Both young men did an excellent job keeping flexed feet throughout the kick and finishing with legs together. In addition, they were able to grasp the rhythm—breathe, kick, glide. I am very proud of Hutton and Alex—constant leaders in their groups and strong kickers! I am excited to see what they do during their move-up to Bronze! Way to go!!! —Coach Raven


 Cedar Park: Gabe Crown

Gabe may not be the loudest or most outgoing in the group, but he certainly makes a lot of noise in the pool! Gabe has grown so much since joining the group, and has made some of our more advanced skills look easy. This week for breaststroke, Gabe focused on his narrow kick, getting into a great bodyline, and being quick on the pull. Gabe also had some of the best open turns in the group! Way to go G-Money! —Coach Adam

 Bee Cave: Hayden Scarborough

Swimmers always ask how do you become swimmer of the week? The first thing I notice in a swimmer is there focus, you watch how the swimmer makes adjustments, prompted by the coach quite often, but the really great changes that are the most exciting for me are when the swimmer finds the adjustment all by themselves! This is a special moment, Hayden had just this kind of moment working on his breaststroke. He was working on length and glide but the head was up a little, then after a few lengths he found a new head position, lower than his arms, and his legs just pushed him 4 to 5 feet farther each kick! What a fantastic improvement!  He did it, showing that he was aware he could be faster, and found a way to be faster! Great Job Young Man! —Coach Chuck

 Technique and Fitness

 Cedar Park: Lea-Anh and Brian Chow

The Technique and Fitness Cedar Park swimmers of the week are Lea-Anh Nguyen and Brian Chow. Excellent job on the breaststroke this past week. Great job on fast hands and smaller efficient kicks.   Really liked the head position and paying attention to your timing of the pull and the kick. Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool. —Coach Stephen

 Bee Cave: Max Laban

Max pays attention and focuses as good as anyone I’ve coached. He’s eager to learn, makes corrections immediately, and is a joy to have in practice. If you have the pleasure of meeting Max, you’ll quickly realize what a cool dude he is. Max and his brother, Mateo, always come and say hi to me on the pool deck, even on days they’re just watching their sister swim. Max represents his family and Nitro well by having good character in and out of the pool. —Coach Jonny


 Cedar Park: Ankush Rao

Ankush is one of my hardest working swimmers on the team, but you’d never know he was tired because of the ear to ear smile he wears everyday. I called on Kush several times this week to demonstrate specific butterfly skills for the group. His stroke looks so effortless in the water. We have been talking about an early breath on the catch and using the hips and a propulsive kick to drive the body forward. Kush understands this in his butterfly, which is what makes his stroke so good. Keep working hard and smiling, Kush!  —Coach Claire

 Bee Cave: Sanaya Hoskote

This week our focus was butterfly, and I was so impressed with Sanaya’s work ethic. She worked hard at every drill we did and turned in an excellent 50 fly time of 41.56 during practice. Sanaya is also very respectful and the kind of swimmer that every coach wishes to have. Excellent work this week, Sanaya! —Coach Peter

 Advanced Silver

 Bee Cave: Melinda Dai

Melinda brings a consistent, hard-working attitude to the pool every day and her times are showing that proof of hard-work in the pool. It is great to have ability that in our squad. Melinda is a young talent on Nitro!  —Coach Paige

 Gold 1 & 2

 Cedar Park: Harshithram Sundararamanand Kayla Gonzalez

When you talk about Harsh, you are talking about one of the hardest workers in the group. He gives every set his all and is always asking questions on how he can be better. This week, the Gold group figured out some goal times for the season so we could do some pace work. Harsh set some pretty high goals, but he worked his tail off to get his right pace. I’m excited to see what the season holds for Harsh! Keep it up! —Coach Adam

 I don’t know if I’ve seen a kiddo smile more at practice than Kayla.  She’s a nice teammate, but that doesn’t mean she’s afraid to race – that kid will fly!  Of all the swimmers in Gold II, Kayla has done the best job learning how to use her hamstrings and glutes to kick behind her on her butterfly kick.  That’s a sure sign that she’s figuring out how to blast her underwaters.  Keep working hard, KG! —Coach Alex

 Bee Cave: Jeffery Gunawan

Wowza Jeffery, you have been absolutely been crushing it at practice this past week. From our timed 500, to working your IM turns, you have been racing, thinking, and swimming perfectly. With hard work like this past week, it wouldn’t surprise me if you will be earning more and more A times. I would love for you to keep working on pushing yourself to finish each set and work towards your goals. I am super proud of the work you have put in the past week. —Coach Allison