Nitro Swimmers of the Week for November 24th – 29th, 2014

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park: Frances Huffaker – Frances is our Intro Swimmer of the Week! You can tell that every time Frances gets in the water she’s trying to do her best & improve. This dedication is paying off because Frances’ strokes are improving every week! But not only is she working hard in practices, she’s taking that dedication into the swim meets and has had some really great races recently! Good job, Frances!! – Coach Jessie

Bee Cave: Jack McKinney – Jack did a really nice job this week. I love how Jack always comes to practice with a positive attitude. He does a really great job staying optimistic even when things aren’t coming to him easily. He never gives up, and always keeps trying. His positivity has a great impact on his teammates! It is amazing how much one person can influence the atmosphere of a group, and Jack is one of those people! Great job Jack keep working hard and staying positive! – Coach Meghan


Cedar Park: Ivan Leong & Sarah Liu – Ivan does a great job with clock management and keeping track of how many laps we have done in a set. Always gives 110% and has a great attitude. Keep up the great work!! Sarah has continued to push the limits in practice and goes above and beyond what I ask the group to do. She streamlines off every wall, does her under water kicks passed the flags and performs all of her turns without a problem. Way to go Sarah! Keep up the hard work! – Coach Jeremy

Bee Cave: Melinda Dai – Melinda recently joined our Bronze group and is already making big improvements.  We have spent the past couple weeks working on our streamlines and she really started looking good this week.  She was getting further off the wall than before with a nice tight streamline and great underwater kicking.  This is one of the most important skills for a swimmer to develop and Melinda is on her way to becoming great at it.  Awesome job Melinda!  Keep it up! – Coach Jared

Technique & Fitness

Cedar Park: Joyce Shen & Kevin Black – Joyce did great job with Coach Erik being the only swimmer over the holiday weekend. She had a great time joining the Bronze group. Kevin is the one of those athletes who shows up and just knows how to get to work,  no questions asked. Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool. – Coach Steve

Burnet: Avery Holcomb – Avery is in our T&F group in Burnet and there has been so much improvement since he first joined. He’s always striving to learn more each practice he comes to and remains super positive even when we move on to more challenging things. Awesome Job! – Coach Bryan

Bee Cave: Henri Martini – He always comes to practice ready and eager to learn.   He’s always working to get better by listening to the coaches.  His technique on all strokes is improving, not to mention his streamlines and flip turns.   Henri also had a great time Nitro at the Races Meet, and had the biggest smile!   Great work Henri! –Coach Linda


Cedar Park: Timmy Guan – Timmy’s attendance is spot on. He is an impeccable kicker, and everyday at practice proves that he is getting stronger and stronger. Within the short two months I have been working with Timmy, he has shown that he is ready to learn and working towards improving every part of his stroke. One specific part of Timmy’s swimming we have been working on is his under waters. He has gone from kicking once off of the wall to kicking 3-4 big butterfly kicks. Continue focusing on your swimming Timmy, and good things are to come! – Coach Allison

Bee Cave: Jeffery Gunawan – I must say Jeffery is a very accomplished swimmer, his butterfly has great pace with a strong kick and a long patient top, the backstroke has fast well placed hands and a perfect head position with light quick toes, his breaststroke shows great poise, long pullouts past the fruit loops pushed there by holding superior heals and elbows, and a forward lunge any TAGS swimmer would be proud of, bringing us to his freestyle which he dials up or down to fit the distance of the race, a young swimmer of great maturity, and he has accomplished all of this before his 9th birthday! Jeffery is an IMer and spends every practice laughing and smiling through every hard set or race, he makes it look easy! Well done young man! – Coach Chuck

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park: Franziska Buckel – Both Advanced Silver groups killed it last week when we worked on turns.  Although we coaches are very happy with the whole group, Frannie’s turns stood out as being exceptionally good.  Franziska is a swimmer who will do everything she can to do things right, and it’s definitely paying off.  Great work, Franziska! – Coach Alex

Bee Cave: Sam Beiter – Sam has grown so much in the water.  This improvement is evident as he has become the leader of his lane.  He has demonstrated an excellent ability in Butterfly and Breast strokes. His idea of good work is equivalent to hard work, and it definitely pays off in the pool.  Jack, keep up the outstanding work and be ready because we have more 200FLY on the way 🙂 FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS…SI SI SI!! –Coach Felix


Cedar Park: Bryce Flynn – Even though it was a holiday week he has been very committed to training this week. He has been doing a great job of working throughout sets as well as focusing on his technique. He is a constant leader and always ready to accept a challenge. Keep up the great work. – Coach Travis

Bee Cave: Kiara Bobb & Lindsey Bowen – These two girls are joined at the hip, this is a knock down drag through the mud slug fest, in the best training friendship kind of way! Time them in a 400 IM and they have eyes on each other through every turn, and oh yes and an occasional peak during the breaststroke leg, shame on you ladies what would Coach Mike say, with face to face breathing on the final lap home, always in question which one will come out the winner, when in fact they both win! Smiles and a hug, with an “Oh my God!”, after they finished their first timed 200 butterfly! Watch these two young ladies and you see yourself competing against your best friend or college teammate, it’s swimmers like this that coaches tell stories about years later, it’s swimmers like this that are the heart and soul of a team, this is why they coin the term swimming family! The face of Nitro Swimming is clear to see in these young ladies, your coaches are very proud of you! Lindsey, Kiara, I look forward to every day of training ahead for you ladies, Well Done! – Coach Chuck