Nitro Swimmers of the Week for May 6 – 11, 2013

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park:Lyen Poh– Lyen rocked last week’s workouts, finding the rhythm for her butterfly drills and stroke.  She absorbs what she hears from her coaches and puts that to work right away in her swimming.  Using the new drills for butterfly and backstroke Lyen and the rest of Intro really stepped to the plate.  Looking forward to seeing how well we swim this week!

Bee Cave:Camryn Thigpeg– Cam has been doing an excellent job at all of our practices. She is always one of my best demonstrators, excited to learn, and hard working. Camryn did an awesome job at the swim meet using everything we have taught her to swim fast. Keep up the great work sweetie.


Cedar Park:Richa Salunke– Richa for cheering on her teammates during the timed kicking trials this week!! Richa not only work hard on her own kicking during the set, she cheered her other teammates on to go faster and push themselves. Richa always show great enthusiasm with everything she does!!!

Bee Cave:Lucus Zha– Lucus has raised the standard in Bronze group with our underwater work.  I asked the group to go past the flags underwater and he went half-way across the pool!  I applauded his effort to the group and then I had about six swimmers doing it.  Lucus is my swimmer of the week for going above and beyond what is expected!  Did I mention that this was on their backs even?  Wow!

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park:Robin Smithson & Ashray Desai – Robin has been swimming with NITRO for a few years and is very consistent with her swimming.  She always has excellent swims on Saturday mornings and brings great energy to the group.  Ashrai has been with us for over a year as well.  He has a great attitude and the other athletes really enjoy his company.  They both have improved in their technique over the year.  Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool.

Bee Cave:Brenna Healy and Hardrock Garrett– Brenna and Hardrock both had a great week in the water. Brenna showed great work during butterfly drills. Not only did she have great technique during her drills but she listened to her coaches to improve on her strokes. Her hard work and great attitude proved to be a great swimmer this week. Hardrock is a truly a great person to work with. He always has questions to ask to get better and listens to his coaches to improve. This week Hardrock swam at Nitro at the Races and did very well. I am so proud of him. Keep up the work Brenna and Hardrock.


Cedar Park:Robby Graves & Reagan Price– In teaching the concept of fish kicking to the Silver swimmers this week, Robby picked it up quickly and served as a great example for his team mates as the week went on.  Reagan picked up fish kicking quickly as well and has been consistently working hard at the details her coaches ask of her.  Keep up the great work you two.

Bee Cave:Lauren Blossman– Lauren has been doing a very good job, she is very focused when I give her stroke correction, and has been working very hard on her streamline position and the underwater fly kicking, but the big breakthrough came on Saturday at the swim meet at Bee Cave with some intense swimming, great red zone finishes, and big smiles at the end of every race. Two big thumbs up here Lauren, way too go!

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park:Elly Rice– Elly has been working hard in both dry land and swim.  She has shown great balance and strength in all of our exercises.  She provided us with a great demonstration of a proper push up.  She’s very deliberate and precise in her drill work and carries that into her swims.

Bee Cave:Hannah Mikaela Saquing– Hannah has always been a great swimmer to have in the group.  She works hard and does a consistent job of encouraging her teammates.  I want to applaud Hannah, this week especially, for being a fantastic leader in the Adv. Silver group. Her efforts help to elevate the swimming of those around her.  Keep up the great work Hannah, you rock!


Cedar Park: Joseph Hunninghake– Joseph has done a great job this week focusing on the finer details of swimming including our Fish Kicks set we have started to incorporate into our training. Not only is he doing a great job with this when we train it he is using it in his full stroke swimming as well. Great job Joseph can’t wait to see how this impacts his 400 Free this weekend.

Bee Cave:Josh Bannon – Josh had a very good week, very focused, the training intensity was extremely high, and his mechanics were superior. With four of the group leaders moving up to the TAGS Group, Josh has become one of the first standouts, I love the way he has been pressing harder on the back half of the set and always seems to work his turns just a little bit farther off the wall when it hurts the most. He is doing a great job of challenging his pain barrier. Keep reaching for it Josh!