Nitro Swimmers of the Week for June 3 – 8, 2013

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park:ALL NITRO SWIMMERS!  This season has been extremely successful for the entire Intro to Nitro.  From the four strokes, to all the possible turns, to kneeling and standing dives it has been a great transformation.  I am so very proud to have been your teacher and also to witness each of you overcome your fears and conquer new heights of greatness! Good luck this summer!!!

Bee Cave: Swaha Roy, Garrett Beard & Roman Rowie– All three of these kids showed exceptional focus last week in everything we did. We were particularly working on the Breast stroke which has a lot to do with timing and rhythm. They all made huge progress in their strokes. Keep up the great work Kiddos!


Cedar Park:Anoushka Narayan– Anoushka loves swimming, and it shows! Every practice she is ready for a new challenge, excited to try new drills, and to be faster than she was last practice. She leads her lane and helps out others that have difficulty reading the clock or understanding the set. Keep it up Anoushka!, pretty soon you will be sprouting your own fins and gills!!!!

Bee Cave:Luis Gomez: On Saturday we were doing a review of the things we worked during the week and applying it to our strokes.  Luis knew the answer to every question I asked and was also able to perform the tasks in the water.  Thanks for being such a great contribution to the group!

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park:Amber Chung & Darrick Sharenko – Amber did a great job this past week with her underwater butterfly streamlines.  She really was like a torpedo going across the pool.  Not bad with the water polo as well.  Darrick has been at NITRO for a few years. He really is a great asset to the team.  Improving his technique, volunteering to demonstrate and gets along really well with his fellow swimmers.  Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool.

Bee Cave: Max Taraszewski and Andrew Jusbasch– Both Max and Andrew had an amazing week. They would ask questions to get better and took the advice to make themselves better thought the practice and improved so much over that particular practice. I am so proud of both of them. Keep up the great work!


Cedar Park:Jasmyn Taylor– Jasmyn is fairly new to the Silver group and competitive swimming in general.  She started out around Christmas time and after spending less than a couple months in TF was given a chance to swim with the Silver group.  Since then she has kept a consistently positive attitude in changing her stroke technique and accepting challenging sets given to the group.  This week especially she focused on improving her breast stroke pull in an effort to make one of her weaker strokes a strength.  Almost everyone has a favorite stroke but at this level the kids that are willing to improve on their weak points are the swimmers that are best setting themselves up for greater success at higher levels of swimming.  Keep it up Jasmyn, and all the Silver coaches are looking forward to helping teach our swimmers how to get better this summer!

Bee Cave:Jasmine Park– This past week Jasmine has done a great job with her racing, some of her timed swims on the IM were as fast as her meet times, We always ask the swimmers to challenge themselves in practice, to race that unseen ghost, the clock, and some do a good job of it but when you start swimming faster that your meet times, not just once, and not just in one event, you know that swimmer is doing something special! Great job Jasmine!

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park:Kaley Rogers– Kaley has done an amazing job this week in working tempo and technique into her strokes.  She also had a wonder swim meet at the Nitro Distance meet last week. Kaley is continuing to bring her stroke corrections to practice each day.  This helps us re-enforce positive feedback to all members of the Advance Silver groups when we have leaders who can demonstrate proper technique.

Bee Cave: Emily Seghers– The last couple of months Emily has demonstrated herself to be a great addition to the Advanced Silver group. She has tremendous focus and knows how to race. She doesn’t need to be told something twice and her diligent effort is beginning to show results. Keep up the great work Emily!


Cedar Park: Karen Yin & Ryan Kutz– Ryan and Karen both had a stellar week training wise finding something to improve on and pushing that something to its absolute limit. Karen rocked it this week by making an extremely hard set of 4×100 Fly on the 1:40 interval. Ryan dropped his Freestyle interval and then asked for a faster one next time, happy to oblige him very soon. Congrats to both and keep working that hard!!!

Bee Cave:Jackson Rabb– With the start of the long course season Jackson has become a driven individual, his focus and intensity has grown to become the best in the Gold Group. watching him cut loose on freestyle sets, holding repeat 100 swims under 1:10 at the end of a 2400 yard set was nothing but impressive, The way he has been attacking even the IM sets makes a coach say WOW, all this done with a quiet smile, and a very red face! great job Jackson keep it up!