Nitro Swimmers of the Week for January 12 – 17th, 2015

Intro to Nitro 

Cedar Park: Katherine Votruba – Katherine spoke with me a couple months ago about goals she could set to get better at swimming. We came up with a few practical things she could work on, and she set her mind to improving! The last several weeks the coaches have watched as Katherine has come to every practice ready to succeed. And succeed she did! She has accomplished every goal we set and will be moving to the Bronze practices very soon. Great determination, commitment, and effort, Katherine! Keep up the great work! – Coach Jessie 

Bee Cave: Arnav kheni – Arnav did some really great work in practice this week. He has been trying to get down his breaststroke kick and this week it was looking great! All of the work in and out of the water is paying off for him! I love that he never gave up and kept at it till he was able to do it! Way to go Arnav! Keep up the hard work and dedication! – Coach Meghan


Cedar Park: Thea Sims – Thea has done a fantastic job with her streamlines and underwater kicks over the last two weeks, but what I’ve been more impressed with is how she continues to be a great teammate and lane leader every practice. Great job Thea!!! – Coach Jeremy

Bee Cave: Alexander Balon – Alex made me very proud this week as we were working on our diving.  Firstly, while he was nervous at first, he stepped up and made great improvement in his diving.  It can be a bit scary to dive off of the blocks, but Alex went for it and it paid off big time.  However, event more important is that he started to encourage his other teammates who were nervous and they made big improvements as well.  We are a family here at Nitro and it was great to see Alex being a great teammate for the other swimmers he was with.  Great job Alex, I’m super proud of you bud! – Coach Jared 

Technique & Fitness

Cedar Park: Eileen Kim & Grant Robey – These two have really upped their game the past few weeks. Great streamlines, great underly shown a stellar performance when the are at the pool. Always having a great time and willing to demonstrate for the groups. Great job on the IM workout. – Coach Steve

Bee Cave: Andrew Swierk – Andrew comes with the biggest smile, always ready to work hard.   He’s always up for a challenge.   He’s really getting that kicking going, and coming in strong for every lap starting with the warm up.   This week, he really got the flip turns going (and we know how that can be a challenge for some swimmers).   Great work Andrew!  Very proud of you! – Coach Linda


Cedar Park: Kyleigh Fant – This week, Kyleigh earns swimmer of the week for her hard work and energy she brings to practice each day. Kyleigh has done an amazing job over the past few weeks of pushing herself to make the intervals. I have never heard Kyleigh say anything negative and is always looking to push those around her as well. I am excited to watch Kyleigh race in future meets. Her hard work in the pool will show during her races! Bravo Kyleigh. – Coach Allison

Bee Cave: Evelyn Fuselier – This weekend I saw a young lady make some tough choices, most of the Nitro swimmers who travel to meets do so because they are trying to make that next time standard, qualify for the next big meet, they have done this so many times no thought is involved, just sign up because it’s what swimmers do. Now go back to when you were 10, making choices between another sport, being with family at another function, or driving to another city to swim 4 events, you get nervous, is it the right choice, you might seem out of your element, you could feel a little alone, no one knows how you will do, the first race happens and it’s not your best race, next race you drop time and feel a little better, next up your favorite event and all the fear goes away, boom, a two second time drop, your last race of the day, your tired, you gather yourself up for one more swim and drop another second of time. Four swims three best times, now that is a pretty good day! We try to prepare each swimmer to do their best, this may have been the first swim meet Evelyn has done without her sisters by her side, she handled it great and got better as the day wore on, Super Meet young lady! – Coach Chuck

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park: Nathan Early – Few swimmers have as much fun at practice as Nathan.  It’s clear he loves being in the pool, and now he’s finding that he also loves hard work.  Nathan has been doing very well in test sets and is always willing to go the extra mile.  Keep up the hard work, Nathan! – Coach Alex

Bee Cave:  Jillian Cox—  Jillian we’ve learned slowly that hard work pays off. I still remember that Jillian liked to push herself off the bottom of the pool in every practice and shake her head side to side when she first started 🙂 Now, she has learned and we see her much more focused and mature everyday in the water. Evidence of this, was last weekend in the ‘B’ Champs where she ends with two silver medals (100IM and 50backstroke). Keep it up Jillian..the sky is the limit. FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS..SI SI SI!!!

Cedar Park: Jaylin DuBose – Great meet this weekend, despite it being her first ever 200 IM she managed to get a 10 & Under AA time in LCM Finals swim. Her hard work and constant positive attitude during Holiday Training is showing its benefits at the right time of the year. Congrats keep doing what you’re doing. – Coach Travis

Bee Cave: Morgan Rodriguez – Morgan has been working super hard and maintaining an attitude of a true champion. I’m so proud of your hard work and glad it is translating into your meet performances. Morgan has really zoned in on her wall approaches. Keep up the great work Morgan! – Coach Chuck