Nitro Swimmers of the Week for February 18 – 23, 2013

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park:Rachel Koble– Always a great listener and determined to understand each set she asks great questions.  Rachel is often called upon to demonstrate for her practice and is always smiling.  Way to go Rachel, you are terrific!

Bee Cave:Nicholas Wang– In the last few weeks Nicholas has really stepped up his game and has shown his coaches that he has a desire to get better. He has been listening better, working harder in our kicking sets. Keep up the good work!


Cedar Park: Bronze #6– The group as a whole has been doing a great job listening to Coach Steve and Bob. Their hard work is paying off in their continued improvement on Freestyle and Backstroke.

Bee Cave:Charlie Stanton– Charlie had a great week with more enthusiasm than I’ve seen in any other week.  When practicing dives, he kept getting back up and trying again even if the last one was not a great improvement.  He leaves practice with a big smile and does a great job pushing his teammates.  Charlie earned this recognition with an awesome dive off the blocks followed by a great swim, when he got out of the pool he looked at me and said “that felt so cool!!!” Keep it up Charlie.

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park:Chloe Wilkins & Brannan Kovachev – Both swimmers are recent additions to the NITRO family and we’ve seen great progress.  Chloe really busted out her butterfly this past week.  Her timing is accurate and her arms have great extension.  In addition to good technique, Brannan is leading his lane, watching the clocks, asking questions and improving on his strokes.  Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool.

Bee Cave:Alanna Araguz– Alanna had a phenomenal week in the pool. She made constant adjustments to her backstroke. Her body line and streamline work have improved tremendously. Alanna is a rising leader in this TF group. Keep up the great work!


Cedar Park:Elinor Krits– Elinor is 100% positive 100% of the time.  No matter how tired she is from working hard she is always smiling and giving it her all. Hmm I wonder if that is the secret to becoming a lane leader?  I think so!

Bee Cave:Kylar Raymond– Kylar has been doing a great deal of work on her freestyle, great finishes from as far out as the fruit loops, but the intensity she has giving during her sets is the outstanding part of the Silver #1 day. A perfectly steady head, great rotation, and she turns the kick on when needed. Keep up the great work!

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park:Elly Rice– Elly has been working very hard to master her butterfly technique in practice, and it’s started to improve by leaps and bounds. Great job Elly and keep you the hard work!!

Bee Cave:Kaley O’Keefe– This week we had a great many opportunities to shine and several swimmers stepped up.  Kaley stood out even in a week of great performances from many of her fellow teammates.  In addition to her focus, drive and great attitude she is constantly asking for ways to make herself better.  Every time she is in the water it is obvious that she wants to be here and has a plan for making herself stronger, faster and more disciplined in her training.   Kaley, keep up the great work!


Cedar Park: Max Chbaro– Max has had a great week of training really focusing on stretching out his arms on the Freestyle allowing him to get much greater distance with every single stroke. Very proud of Max and his ability to improve himself this week.

Bee Cave:Gavin Moak -The Gold group has had several challenging workouts this week, one IM set that was quite a challenge set Gavin apart, he really jumped at the progressive drop in time down to a 1:20 IM and by the end of the set he was the one who broke through, what made him swimmer of the week was the fact that he did not feel very good at all after the warm up was done. Going beyond the sour feeling and breaking through the pain barrier it what puts a swimmer on the path. Nice job Gavin!