Nitro Swimmers of the Week for December 17 – 22, 2012

Swimmer of the Week for December 17th – 22nd, 2012:

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park: Jun Seok Oh– Jun Seok had another awesome practice this week, demonstrating barrel roll kicking to the group like a pro!  Patiently listening to directions and quick to ask for clarifications Jun Seok is a very smart swimmer.  Keep up the great work buddy!

Bee Cave: Marco Chen– Marco Chen had great breakthrough this last week. He started off practice saying that he didn’t know how to do a somersault, and he struggled with it at first. But through determination and focus he figured it out and was able to successfully complete his first flipturnt! Congratulations!!


Cedar Park: Catherine Stephen– Catherine has done an amazing job in the Bronze group over the past few months and her effort is showing more than ever. She is always paying attention to what the swims are supposed to be and she is doing a great job helping other swimmers with their intervals. Keep up the hard work.

Bee Cave: Scout Swanson– Scout joined us after the Nitro summer rec program and has done a tremendous job.  She eagerly moved her way to the front of the lane a d gives her absolute best effort in the pool.  We are happy with Scout’s improvements, desire, and motivation. Way to go, Scout!

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park:ALL OF YOU! – We’ve had a great start this year.  Over the past months I’ve seen you guys grow from novice swimmers to accomplished athletes.  Things are starting to click and become good habits.  It’s really been a great ride to watch you reach goals and exceed them.  Happy holidays and an eventful New Year.  Thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool.

Bee Cave: Grant Strickler– Grant is really hitting his stride lately. He had a phenomenal meet last weekend and continued his hard work right into this week’s practice. Grant’s perseverance in the pool is a direct translation in his success lately. Keep up the great work Grant! Happy Holidays.


Cedar Park: Elizabeth Stephen– The past few weeks Elizabeth has really stepped up her game at practice.  Her kick has improved tremendously and as a result everything else has just started to fall in line.  She is now always towards the front of her lane and makes all the intervals. Great job Elizabeth. Your hard work will always pay off so keep it up!

Bee Cave:Jasmine DeFranco– Jasmine has done such a great job working on her strokes, she has made some of the quickest improvements to her strokes, it is such a compliment to her drive and focus at every practice. She listens, she acts, if she has trouble she asks questions, she never lets it show if she gets frustrated, always a smile and lots of hard work, I can’t wait to see her swim her first 100 back & 100 breast at the Rodeo Meet. great job Jasmine

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park:Trey Jackson, Mary Iliukivich, Will Corona and Shelby DuBose– All I heard from them after the AAAA meet last weekend was how happy they were with all of their swims-and I heard the exact same things from the coaches that were at the meet. These four are a great example of swimmers who have been working hard and the results are now falling into place. Great swimming and keep up the hard work!

Bee Cave: Jordan Mathis– Jordan has been doing a great job in the group quietly making big strides(or should I say strokes?) in her swimming. Jordan has the ability to identify and focus on the purpose of each set. Many times, as coaches, we ask our swimmers to put aside their competitive drive to be first in their lane in favor of making corrections to their strokes and Jordan knows how to do this. At the same time she can really turn it on when we ask for that as well. This week Jordan displayed those talents and demonstrated how she is becoming a leader in the group.  Keep up the consistently strong workouts. You rock Jordan!


Cedar Park: Caitlin Murphy– Caitlin has had really good workouts for the couple of weeks she had a short period of time where her knee was not 100%, but she kept doing as much as she could in the water. She did not miss a beat when it comes to her training and is hitting her best training performance of year at the perfect moment. Keep up your hard work Caitlin.

Bee Cave:Ted Beiter– One of the hardest things a swimmer must deal with is to age up in the middle of the season. For boys turning 13 is very tough, the bottom drops out of the time standards. Ted has done such a great job of weathering that storm, his effort leading his lane and improving his strokes have greatly increased the past few days, his sprinting is focused, and the 200 training is developing at a suprising rate. Can’t wait to see Ted swim at the Rodeo Meet at the Woodlands.