Nitro Swimmers of the Week for August 5 – 10, 2013

Swimmer of the Week for August 5th – 10th, 2013: (**Note: Some of the entries were carry overs from two weeks ago!!) We’re back on track now!

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park:Saturday Intro to Nitro class– The last two Saturdays they have been swimming long course (the long way!) and both Coach Kirsten and I have been very proud of the way they have handled it. It’s been awesome to watch them try something new-and tough-and persevere through it.
Those swimmers include: Anisha Aslesh, Kayla Bui, Daniel Chen, Chaitanya Dandekar, Giann DeElena, Cassia Depta, Emma and Victor Guardado, Brandon Hicks, Jaelynn Isabendy, Rishi Koneru, Simone Koret, William Lu, Henry Lutz, Shraavya Mandadi, Aniruddh Mishra, Paras Nijhawan, Sid Paryani, Connor Raybould, Hailee Seiser, Dillon Shadowen, Abigail Utama, Isaac Wang.

Bee Cave:Cameron Thigpen– Cameron is an awesome person and great to work with. She has a great attitude and gives 100% to practice. She always has a smile on her face and answers every question asked about swimming, with a big smile on her face. She keeps on getting better everyday day. Keep up the great work.


Cedar Park: Suhass Patil– Suhass is still fairly new to the Bronze group but he brings a great attitude to the water and is incredible at fixing his stroke technique. Two the personality traits that will serve him very well in the future of his swimming career.

Bee Cave: Laney Kalsu– Laney always has a smile on her face and is motivated to work hard every day at practice.  Let’s not forget to mention how awesome of a listener she is and how much her strokes have improved over the last few months.  Keep smiling….it’s contagious!

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park:Hailey Gill and Eric Chen – Hailey has recently moved into some lanes that have been doing longer distances and faster intervals.  She is keeping up and really has shown us she wants to be there.  Eric is a swimmer who always has a great smile for everyone and an attitude to match.  He tackles the tough sets we give him with force.  Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool.

Bee Cave:Josh Ong– I am very proud of how Josh has been swimming lately. This we week we focused on doing some freestyle sets with fins, and Josh tore it up this week in the pool. Josh has a great attitude and works hard every day and continues to get better. Keep up the great work.


Cedar Park:Robert Graves– Robby has always come to practice with a great attitude.  This week especially when the Silver swimmers got to do some longer swims and new drills Robby’s infectious enthusiasm was a terrific thing to see.  Keep up the great work Robby!

Bee Cave:Michaela & Bailey Judis– The Sisters have really stepped up their training, working very hard on improving their kick Michaela and Bailey have become leaders of their Silver group. This has been a long time coming, every swimmer makes a breakthrough but only after a lot of hard hard work, the girls have been doing just that for the last four months, their racing at meets has shown a marked improvement, challenging themselves by swimming different events, and not shying away from longer distances. Great job Ladies!

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park: Evelyn Ngo and Michael Nguyen– Evelyn and Michael have been working hard on maintaining proper technique with each of their swims in practice. Over the summer months – practice schedules can become a little relaxed.  They have both been very consistent with attending practices and dry land training. They are both becoming great leaders in the Advanced Silver training group. Great Job!

Bee Cave: Sophia Shelburne– Sophia really stepped up her training this entire week. She has been an extraordinary leader to the advanced silver group. With her close attention to the little things has her catching the attention of the coaches. She finished off this week with a stellar performance with our 50’s pace set. Way to go Sophia!


Cedar Park: Our amazing TAGS Swimmers– We had several swimmer compete at TAGS and just swim incredibly. Just to name a few Anna Kate Benwell, Ellie Lou Benwell, Lucy Paratore, Chloe Southard, Ryan Kutz, Joseph Hunninghake, Vincent Ribeiro, Julia Roberto, Karen Yin, Brian Lee, and Danika Lou.

Bee Cave:Olivia Mazzei, Jackson Rabb, & the Gold Group Swimmers of Bee Cave on 8/10– Swimmers always need to challenge themselves, at the end of a very long week of working on 400 IM, Olivia wanted to try a 200 meter butterfly for a time, Jackson also stepped up to find out where he stood with that event as well, both swam the 200 fly in a great time and got cheered on by the rest of the Gold Group, Kudos to the swimmers of Gold Group for the support, and any time you face your fears in this sport having your friends push you faster is what excites me about Nitro Swimming!

Cedar Park

High School Training:Christina Troyanski– Christina will be heading to Colorado Springs in preparation for her trip as a member of the USA Youth World Championship team.  She will participate in the Modern Pentathlon.   The events of this competition include:  Swimming, show jumping (equestrian), pistol shooting, cross country run, and fencing.  I have had the opportunity to watch Christina join Nitro and progress with the High School program and through additional one on one training with Coach Kristyn.  Good luck Christina, NITRO is already proud of you!

TAGS 2: TAGS Swimmers– We had a very good showing at TAGS, our A relays always in contention for the top spots. One of the most amazing swims of that weekend were Michael Shay 100 and 200 Backstroke going home with the state title, and most certainly Sarah Kutz in the 200 Breast after not having a full workout in several weeks due to knee injury she goes out in finals and wins the race. It was amazing.

TAGS 1: Cole Perley. The ultimate unselfish teammate. Always thinking about the other person, how to help lessen their load. One of the nicest young people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Submitted by Coach Mike.

Senior:David Dunsworth– David has continued to swim at a high level, starting in June at the Rockwall meet and continuing this weekend at TAGS. What has been a pleasure to watch is how he’s grown as a competitor mentally, and is continually trying to improve himself in any way possible. He’s had a great attitude at TAGS this weekend and has been a willing relay participant each and every day. I am looking forward to watching his short course season and his continued success.

Sectional: Kate Shomper– Kate has recently put a strong effort into correcting her breathing habits.  Swimmers sometimes develop poor habits over periods of time, but Kate recognized what was hurting her stroke and was not afraid to tackle that challenge while still working hard during sets.  Stay strong and keep up the good habits, Kate!

Bee Cave

High School Training: Sean Kelly– Sean has really stepped up his game in the water. His constant focus on the little things during sets has him moving on up in the ranking. Not only is he an emerging leader in the group, but he provides a very high energy while in the water. Keep up the great work Sean!

TAGS:All TAGS & A Champs swimmers.  Ethan Hammond, Ian Brann, Annie Halm, Maggie Jukes, Gavin Moak, Andrew Pickard, Lauren Quincy, Kendall Shields, Camille Sweeney, Nathaniel Hartman, Kate MacRae– This group had a great showing at TAGS and A Champs.  A champs was filled with best times and many new TAGS cuts.  At TAGS, whether they were relay only or individual qualifiers, everyone stepped up to help our team gain valuable points.  Thanks to all you parents for your support and bringing your kids to the meet even if they were just there to cheer on teammates!

Senior: Jesse Yue– Jesse joined our group and instantly became one of our leaders. With his strong presence he brought the group up as a whole. Even on the afternoons where his body was aching, he always gave his all on our sets. This month I have seen Jesse really elevate his ability in the pool. We will definitely miss Jesse when he goes back home to Oklahoma. Keep up the great work Jesse, hope to see you soon again.

Sectional:All TAGS & A Champs swimmers.  Fey Matamoros, Matt Hammond, Ali Andros, Will Barton, Miguel Velasquez, Jessica Conrad, Chris Mayer, Diana Dunn, and Hayley Krebsbach– These swimmers have been working hard all summer and it has shown off at these last two meets.  At A champs we had a handful of swims qualify for TAGS and Sectionals.  It is always great to go to a meet and see swimmers carry over things from practice to their races.  Great job everyone!

National Swimmer of the Month for July:Haley Timmons

Not only did Haley have a great meet at the TSC Champs at UT, she has been our number one spirit leader for the team. Haley has everyone on the teams respect because of the hard work she puts in every time she hops in the pool. There is another element that really separates Haley out…she cheers for everyone. No one cheers harder for all their teammates then Haley and she even cheers for her competitors at meets as well ( and shakes hands with them after every race ). Haley is our swimmer of the month for what she is doing in and out of the pool and she makes our team and the people around her better!