Nitro Swimmers of the Week for August 19 – 24, 2013

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park: Elliot Litton– Since Elliot has started Intro a few weeks ago he has worked very hard at practice! He is always eager to demonstrate, and did so for butterfly swim this week, using both alternate breathing and big arms out of the water. He is very attentive to the coaches when they are helping him. Way to go, Elliot, you’re doing an awesome job!

Bee Cave:Helen Randle Helen has done an amazing job this summer. She has improved every single day and I am so proud of her. She the girl that always wants to go first in her lane and always participates in discussion on what we are learning for that day. With her work ethic and determination she will go far. Keep up the good work!!


Cedar Park: Michelle Kim– Michelle has worked really hard in Bronze group this past week. We are very happy to have Michelle in the group and look forward to her continuing to improve her swimming skills.

Bee Cave: Luke Nannapaneni– Luke has been working really hard to improve his butterfly kick and I just wanted to let him know that his effort has not gone unnoticed! Keep up the hard work!

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park: Julie Chen & Eric Chen – These two swimmers have been with the T/F group for a couple of years.  They have consistently been lane leaders, volunteered to demonstrate and give a positive vibe to the group.  There swimming has also been improving immensely over the months. Great job you two thanks for being a part of the NITRO family and we’ll see you at the pool.

Bee Cave:Megan Armendariz& Kiyan AlrobaireThis week we worked on Butterfly and IM kick for the afternoon TF’s and Megan did awesome. She has this natural body-wave that is amazing and I had her demonstrate body-waves and butterfly kick the whole week. She has worked very hard this summer and I am so proud of you. Keep up the great work. Kiyan has been awesome this summer. He has been very entertaining to say the lest. Every practice he puts on a Morning Show and it’s just great to see his enthusiasm on deck. He truly keeps the coaches on our toes and puts a huge smile on our faces. Even though he shows us how fun he can be, he also works hard during practice. Keep up the great work Kiyan.


Cedar Park:Angela Nguyen– Angela started in Silver at the beginning of the summer and has been a tremendous addition to the group since joining.  The last week of summer especially the coaches were very impressed with the progress she has made over the past few months.  Her tenacity on any given set is impressive, Angela doesn’t back down from anything!  Keep up the great work Angela!

Bee Cave: Andrew Williams– With a quiet smile Andrew pushes off the wall, you can feel the intensity of his first strong pull, as a coach you give a little boost to yourself as you watch him try to reach the center of the pool on his third pullout on a 100 breaststroke, that’s how involved you get working with Andrew, his excitement for swimming has you as a coach swimming every stroke right there with him, and when he makes a breakthrough you both smile. Way to go Andrew!!

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park: Elly Rice– Elly continues to work hard in training, she will unfortunately be leaving Cedar Park to go to Bee Cave Gold Group. We will miss her and her amazing chocolate chip cookies!

Bee Cave: Madella Ngo– Madella has been putting in the work in a serious way this whole summer.  I’m both proud and gratified to see her growth as she has become a leader for the group. As with many swimmers moving on this week, I’ll be sorry to see her go, but, I know that she will reach new heights with Coach Chuck as she continues her swimming career.  If achievement is earned through the carful employment of skill, tenacity and focus then, I believe Madella is in a great position going forward.  Keep it up Madella!


Cedar Park: Connor Gamble– After having comeback to swimming after a significant absence Connor has jumped right back into the mix of things and has positioned himself to the front of his lane. His endurance is picking up very quickly and his smile at practice makes the coaches happy to coach him. Keep it up Connor!!

Bee Cave: Teresa Luo– sometimes the hardest part about swim practice is knowing that the effort you are giving is exactly what the coach was hoping for, Teresa comes through in a big way for me every time I’ve challenged her, she may not have known it, she may get disappointed when her times start to fail, and the set really begins to break her down, but not a single person in gold has more heart, focus, or love of what they are trying to achieve than Teresa, as I told her it’s not always about the time, it’s how you handle the struggle trying to reach that time, and what you do after, if you miss the goal time, and that’s where Teresa impresses me every day, she brings heart to the pool, every yard of every swim! Teresa thanks for making coaching so rewarding!!