Nitro Swimmers of the Week for April 22 – 27, 2013

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park:All of the Intro to Nitro Nitro at the Races competitors– It was a very exciting Saturday for Intro, we had a lot of new swimmers attend the meet.   Old and new swimmers a like, everyone did a great job on their swims, making friends and cheering for each other.  Watching the swimmers from different practice times and groups interact is always fun to see.  At this meet everyone seemed to really bond with one another, checking in to see how they did after their events, asking who is in the water to cheer for specific swimmers.  So amazing to witness!  Way to go Intro!

Bee Cave:Aaryan Sharma– Every week Aaryan, gets better and better. Each week he kicks a little harder, listens a little better and the drills we do are really starting to take effect. Keep up the great work!


Cedar Park:All of the swimmers that participated in the Nitro at the Races in Cedar Park– The Bronze swimmers competed fiercely and did very well!!!. I am personally very proud of everyone that attended, you guys did AWESOME!! An honorable mention goes to Angel Caldera, whose goggle slipped off. Angel swam the 100 Freestyle with no goggles, did all his flip turns, and made a great time.!!

Bee Cave:Samuel Tan– Samuel had the best workout I have ever seen him have on Friday.  I knew he was giving 110% by the way he was breathing hard on the walls and how red his face was.  In addition to that he was doing the drills correctly, reading the clock and being a great listener.  Keep up the great work!

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park:Lycia Poh & Aaryan Sharma– Every time we ask for someone to demonstrate Lycia is the first to have her hand up.  She really rocked the butterfly this past week.  Aaryan has the attitude  and demeanor to be a great addition to our team.  He is always at the pool willing to jump in and show us he’s ready to improve.  Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool.

Bee Cave: Mitchell Fisher– Mitchell stringed together a very nice week in the pool. His constant focus on all the drills is making his strokes efficient. Mitchell really improved his dives this week as well. I am very proud of you Mitchell, keep up the great work.


Cedar Park:Catherine Stephens & Tanner Bray– Catherine is a relatively new addition to the Silver group at Cedar Park, but in the weeks she’s been there she has done an excellent job of paying attention to detail and improving her stroke technique.  Tanner is a great young leader in the pool.  He does a great job of taking stroke correction from his coaches to heart and never complains regardless of the days focus or difficulty.  Keep it up the both of you!

Bee Cave:Matthew Villagomez– This last week Mathew has really stepped up his training, working very hard on his breaststroke he separated himself from the silver group and became a leader not only for the rest of Silver 2 but for all of the Silver Groups at BEE CAVE. It’s hard not to notice when you have other coaches pointing out the improvement and the fact that he has been holding eight strokes a length breaststroke. I can’t wait to see him compete in the long course pool.

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park:Mary  Iliukevich & Adam Micek– Tons of excited energy on deck They both worked really hard in the pool and dry-land practices.

Bee Cave:Cal Minyen– Choosing Swimmer of the Week rarely has anything to do with comparing one swimmer’s speed or ability to that of another. In swimming, we frequently get caught up in the meets. What place did I get? Who broke a record? Or how did the team place? It is easy to forget how much we compete with ourselves. This competition is not meant for the meets alone but is a challenge for every swimmer, for every practice. Will I make myself better today? Will I be a better swimmer, a better trainer, than I was yesterday? Cal Minyen answered those questions with a resounding yes this past week. And for that, he is the Swimmer of the Week for Adv. Silver. Keep up the great work Cal!


Cedar Park: William Corona– William just started with the group several weeks ago but he has one of those extremely competitive attitudes, I notice he is constantly working to correct his strokes and asking questions. But it goes well beyond that William is always finding ways to do extra work, coming in early during dry-land and starting with High School Training group which starts about 10 minutes before his regularly scheduled dry-land. William is working hard and it will pay off in the long run. Keep up the hard work!!!

Bee Cave:Tas Saunders– Quietly Tas has been chewing up the yards with great focus on his turns and stroke technique, I’ve never seen him get out of a set or therefore a practice for any reason, he always knows what the set is, the interval and his own send off, what the focus of the set will be, and does his very best regardless of any possible distractions. His work on the IM this week was outstanding.

Swimmer of the Month for April 2013:

Cedar Park

High School Training:Levi Michael and Cypher Miller– These boys have been working hard in the water and at our first long course meet of the season they finally got to see the rewards!  This meet was the first official meet for Cypher as well as his first long course meet EVER!  For Levi it was the first long course meet in years.  They swam like veteran swimmers and shocked some of their teammates with their times!  It is exciting to see hard work pay off for you in such a big way, and it’s only the beginning!  Looking forward to seeing how Levi and Cypher do at their next meet!  Keep up the great work boys!

TAGS 2: Addy Armistead– Addy has an amazing first Long Course meet after missing several TAGS cuts during short course meet, the very first event of Long Course she swam not only made the 11-12 TAGS cut, not only made 13-14 TAGS cut, but it was also a Sectional hard cut. She capped the rest of the meet of with two more TAGS cuts in the 200 IM and 100 Back. Very good start to the season Addy keep it up.

TAGS 1:Summer Fullwood– Summer is a good consistent trainer and always has a smile on her face.

Senior:Grey Player and Nick Shomper– Both of them have really stepped up their efforts in practices on a daily basis. They have been placing themselves in the faster lanes, trying to lead their lanes, and challenging themselves to get better. I am looking forward to the next long course meet and watching those efforts pay off. Great job guys!

Sectional:Brandon Daniels – Brandon recently joined the Sectional Group and he has certainly made a big impact.  He immediately showed that he is ready to train hard and set a tone that has resonated through many teammates.  Brandon is not afraid to challenge himself on difficult sets, no matter what the workout entails.  He is a very valuable and important part of the Sectional Group and we certainly welcome him aboard.  Nice job, Brandon!

Bee Cave

High School Training:

TAGS: Kendall Shields– Since arriving to Nitro, Kendall has raised the bar on the training for the entire group. She has also added a new level of Team Spirit, always speaking positively during the tough sets, keeping her teammates reaching for greater heights! Way to go Kendall!

Senior: Jack Cornish– Jack is on fire for the start of long course season. All of his hard work he put in short course is definitely transitioning to our new season. Jack has really focused on the little things in practice (streamlines, under waters, drill sets, etc). In Jack’s first meet of the long course season, he attained his first sectional hard cut in the 200 BK and a bonus cut in the 100 BK. The work definitely did not stop there, he swam a lights out 400IM to cap off the meet. Keep up the great work and congratulations Jack.

Sectional:  Chris Mayer– Chris has been on a steady incline since he arrived earlier in the short course season. As a direct result of Chris making his teammates around him better with a fantastic attitude and a willingness to “put it on the line” each practice, Chris saw his first Sectional time achieved at the most recent UT meet. Congrats!