Nitro Swimmers of the Month for May 2013

Bee Cave

High School Training: Stefan Blab– Despite Stefan’s clever know-it-all-ness I decided to name him swimmer of the month for June. Stefan is not only the class clown but he is also the one who will ask for a challenge every chance he gets. That type of attitude will get him far in the swimming world. Keep up the great work!

TAGS:Hard to go with just one, as several have stepped up their game in the last month Nathaniel, Kendyl, Ally, Matt, Kate, Will, Ian to name a few. The criteria this month being who we believed has been the best “teammate” this past month that would be Lauren Quincy. Lauren is always there with a kind word for the group during the tough sets, and a goofy joke or two during the not so tough sets. Keep it up Lauren!

Senior: Amanda Burton– Being able to see Amanda on a daily has been a treat!  What makes her stand out is her attention to detail.  Always remembers to perform each part of the set as instructed and asks for feedback.  She has goals set for the year and is definitely doing everything she can to work towards keeping them.  Keep up the great work!

Sectional: Chance Meier, Stephen Kim, Hayley Krebsbach, & Fey Matamoros– All four were chosen for different reasons. First off, Diana Dunn continues to set a torrid pace for the group, so we have to mention her – every practice, every set, and every finish. Chance admittedly has never worked harder for four consecutive weeks as he has over these last four. Nice job Chance! Stephen is a quiet leader. He takes corrections very seriously and immediately works at implementing them. Hayley has woken up and has been on fire the last few weeks – great to see. Fey not only brings her best to practice, she is the ultimate teammate – never has anyone around the pool deck heard anything but a positive word of encouragement come from Fey. Well done- always.

Cedar Park

High School Training: Lauren Jones– Lauren took on the biggest challenge at the Distance meet this past weekend and did a fantastic job.  She swam in her first 400 IM, 200 Fly and 1500 free along with her stroke of choice 200 backstroke.  This is no easy feat for any swimmer to take on, but Lauren did it with ease.  Taking tips for warm up before her events and focusing on the things we have been working on during practice Lauren swam solidly through each event and even dropped time in her 200 backstroke!  She is a very hard worker always putting her mind to the task at hand like breathing every other on fly no matter what, building her kick at the end of her backstroke.  Participating in every dry land practice is also key to Lauren becoming Swimmer of the Month and improving her swimming.  Keep up the hard work Lauren!

TAGS 2: Michael Shay– Michael has really turned it on over the past few weeks and has had some significant time drops in several events. Great 400 IM and 200 Fly this past weekend. Keep up the hard working going into the next few weeks leading up to Rockwall and TAGS!!

TAGS 1: Renee Jacops  and Cole Perley-  Renee brings a quiet confidence to the pool deck each day. If she continues working like she is working, great things are bound to come her way again! Competitive swimming is a tough sport to figure out at times, as the results of hard work are not always immediate. Be patient, stay the course, and keep working on making yourself better. In time it will come. Cole is one of the nicest young men you will ever meet. Always a kind hearted hello, and will give his all in workouts. The longer swims don’t come easy for Cole, but that does not deter him. Nice work consistently.

Senior: Melissa Horton & Emilie Parks– Both of these ladies have really tried to push themselves in practice, and it definitely showed at the UT meet this past month. Despite recovering from a nasty wound, Melissa was able to post multiple best times. Emilie achieved a new ‘A’ time to add to her roster of events at the upcoming Bill Nixon meet. Both girls have done a fantastic job all month!

Sectional: Aaron O’Neil– Aaron has shown leadership through his training and is not timid about being aggressive.  He had the opportunity to train with the National Group and took advantage of this situation, showing that he is ready to tackle any set thrown at him.  We look forward to Aaron’s long course work ethic.  Great job, Aaron!

National Group Swimmer of MayRegan Barney/Karling Hemstreet– These two girls have been leading and dominating training on the National Group girls side of things for at least the past month. On top of strong meets for the month, Regan was also at the Zone Select Camp in Louisville Kentucky and Karling qualified for US Open Water Nationals in California. The main reason they were both selected though is because they have set the training bar for the rest to follow so keep it up girls!