Nitro Swimmers of the Month for February 2018

Cedar Park


Senior: Daniel Warren
It has been a pleasure coaching Daniel this season. He finished the season well and I could see a lot of his hard work paying off in the water. I’m excited to see him train over the summer because I feel he has some big breakthroughs coming in the near future. Keep crushing it Daniel! You are a great role model for the group. —Coach Daeton


Sectional Development: Zach Bann

Zach has excelled at all four taper/rest meets this championship season–Districts, Regionals, Jr STAGS, and STAGS. I believe his championship success is related to his ability to stay present & in the moment and his no-lose racing mentality in practice. Zach doesn’t let the unimportant stuff detract from his focus or his purpose. Congratulations Zach!  —Coach Michael


TAGS 2: Minji Kim

Minji has earned the TAGS II Swimmer of the Month title for February. Not only did this young eleven year old score individually in three different events (50, 100, and 200 yard Breaststroke) at TAGS, but she also was a member of a 11-12 400 yard Medley Relay, which broke the state of Texas Women’s 11-12 Relay record by four seconds, along with Trinity Hoang, Avery Mehok, Sasha Dauletau – Her hard work this season paid huge dividends and we couldn’t be more proud of what she is doing. Great job Minji, and Go Nitro. —Coach Daniel


TAGS 1: Danny Pineiro

Danny has been working really hard on making changes the past two months in his Freestyle and butterfly. His hard work is starting to pay off as he made the A final at TAGS in his 200 Free. Not only that but the past two weekends combined he has swam 14 lifetime best swims!! Keep working the details Danny!! —Coach Jeremy


National Development: Beau Player

Beau had an incredible end of season meet at STAGS the last weekend of February, blowing away a ton of his best times. On top of getting a bunch of personal bests he also represented the team in finals in most of his swims helping Nitro to earn that top spot at STAGS. Beau really put his heart into it this past month and he showed it at STAGS. Keep it up Beau! —Coach Dan


National Group: Corby Furrer & Ana Herceg

These two swimmers have made quite an impact in swimming this season, and not just representing Nitro representing their High Schools as freshman as well. Ana won the first ever State Championship for her high school this month in the 200 Freestyle at 5A State Championships and followed it up with a 2nd place finish in the 500 Freestyle. Corby finished 4th in one of the closest 200 Freestyle races I have ever seen the difference between his fourth place finish and first was .6 of a second. He also ran down a heat of Seniors in the 500 Free to take a Silver medal in the 500 Free. Oh and on top of all of that both of those swims were his first ever Junior National qualifying swims. Very proud of both of these athletes. —Coach Flo


Bee Cave


HS/MS Training: John Yi
John has had a great last few months of training! He is the kind of swimmer I refer to as “raw,” as in he has a lot of untapped potential that could really come out with some refinement. He’s somebody that works extremely hard in practice and thrives during particularly difficult sets. I gave him the responsibility of swimming the “get out swim” (if he swims my chosen event under a certain time the entire group is done for the night) the other week. He was so sure he wouldn’t be able to do it, but touched the wall with about eight-tenths of a second left to spare, which is a lot in the swimming world. John, just like every other swimmer in the pool, doesn’t know what he’s capable of until he does it. I’m really looking forward to seeing him reach his full potential both as a swimmer and person. Great work, John! —Coach Peter


Senior: Drew Osama

Drew had a great month, the focus on his breaststroke is always one of his priorities, but lately I’ve seen great improvement in his butterfly and backstroke as well. How can you be a good breaststroker and not look to the development of your IM? Drew is figuring out that working on his IM makes his breaststroke stronger, you have to focus on pullouts and legs when you come off of the backstroke leg of the IM, and the best part is how his tempo is improving. I see much more power in the kick and he now is transferring his balance forward much quicker, the stroke is moving in a more downhill motion Coaches always talk about. The other suprise I see is how his sets are getting stronger and finishing with much more energy than they did a few months ago, Drew is really becoming a well rounded swimmer. Great Job Young Man!  —Coach Chuck


TAGS 2: Autumn Forgey
So many of the TAGS 2 kids this month performed exceptionally well, and rocked it from Jr. STAGS to STAGS and ending this past weekend at TAGS. I had to give Autumn swimmer of the month for February as her positivity and confidence out shown everyone on the pool deck. She was not afraid of any race or any level of competition thrown her way. I think many kiddos watched her race or were impressed with her times and asked me “how’d she do that?” the answer was and is simple, she believed in herself. Can’t wait to see what is in store throughout Long Course (its her favorite!). Love being your coach! —Coach Allison


TAGS 1: Kira Baker

And the Swimmer of the Month for February goes to..Kira Baker! What a great month you had Kira! This swimmer is a great example of GRIT: PASSION and PERSEVERANCE are her best card of presentation. She ended the month with a solid performance in one of the toughest events in swimming, the 400IM, by dropping a significant 22 seconds in just two weeks. This is something very impressive, a great example of TENACITY and DETERMINATION. Keep working hard Kira, keep putting that effort in everything you do. That’s the best way to continue developing high standards, not only in the water, but also in Life. FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!!! SI SI SI!!! —Coach Felix


National Development: Natalie Klaas

Natalie, 14, has had a tremendous month.  She was a top 16 finisher at TAGS in the distance freestyles.  Her time improved 45 seconds in her mile to win at STAGS.  She went from 2:46 to 2:32 in 200 Breast, which was her weak stroke just missing the TAGS cut.

Natalie is an extremely hard worker and leads by example.  I am proud of her progress and look forward to a great Long Course Season for her.

Keep it up Natalie! —Coach Randy


National Group: William Barton

William, 18, was a State Champion in the 200 and 500 Free.  He also qualified for the USA Summer Jr. Nationals in his 100 back, and dropped over three seconds in his 200 Back.  Will is a quiet leader and an amazing underwater dolphin kicker!  I look forward to seeing his progress this summer with Jr. Nationals in mind!  We are proud to have him represent Nitro!

Keep it up Willy B! —Coach Hans, Coach Isaac, & Coach Randy