Nitro Swimmer of the Week for January 1–8, 2017

Intro to Nitro


Cedar Park: Camdyn Munoz

Whenever Camdyn comes to practice she is always eager to know what we are going to be working on. No matter if it’s dives or many lengths of butterfly Camdyn is equally excited. This past week Intro worked a lot on butterfly and the rhythm of the stroke. Camdyn did a great job keeping the beat, as we call it, of her kick. Great work, keep it up Camdyn! —Coach Hannah


Bee Cave: Wyatt Kremer

Wyatt is never shy on enthusiasm! He always gets his lane mates excited to swim regardless of what we are practicing. When learning how to use the pace clock this week, Wyatt helped his teammates remember when to leave the wall. His underwater streamline push-offs have greatly improved and he’s doing a great job keeping a low head position in freestyle. Keep up the good work, Wyatt! —Coach Raven




Cedar Park: Jonah Sung

Jonah is a very technical swimmer. As he swims, you can see him being very precise about the movements he is making in the water. This weekend, though, I saw something else in Jonah…a racing spirit! He exploded off the blocks, had awesome streamlines, and got tons of speed from his kick. Way to go Jonah, keep up the hard work! —Coach Adam


Bee Cave: Sarika Hedge

The most fun a coach can have is seeing a swimmer make a breakthrough, finding a way to change a stroke, smooth out the timing, push beyond the discomfort of racing, and enjoy that big smile when they realize, “I Did It!”. Sarika did just that this week, found something inside that made it fun to kick harder than anyone else in her group, then she realized if I can kick faster than the group I can swim just as fast as the group as well! There it was the big smile! A confidence I had not seen, a new kicking effort, a new young lady that races with the best in her group! This is going to be some very exciting training coming up! Great job young lady! —Coach Chuck


Technique and Fitness


Cedar Park:

The Technique and Fitness Cedar Park swimmers of the week are  Nysa Singh and Edward Bomba. Awesome job you two on your butterfly this past week! Breathing and timing totally clicked as well as securing where the kicks come in. Totally appreciate the fact that every time we ask for a volunteer to demonstrate your hands go straight up. Way to be a team leader.  Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool. —Coach Stephen


Bee Cave: Seasha Kheni

Saesha is a good swimmer, teammate, and pupil. I know I speak for her lanemates when I say, she’s such a joy to have in practice. I can’t write about her without mentioning she was the only one in her group that showed up on Halloween! As incredible as that was, I believe this week was the best one in her swimming life. Her streamlines were unparalleled; her underwaters pushed the limits; her Hand-Lead kicking was the best in the business! I am so proud of her and the awesome swimmer she’s becoming. More importantly, I appreciate the young person she is on the pool deck.  —Coach Jonny




Cedar Park: Aden Postelnik

This week Aden worked hard on the timing of his butterfly. He understands how to get his head up early during his pull for a breath making his stroke smoother. His butterfly looks longer, kicks more powerful, and the tempo of his stroke faster. And this weekend at NITRO NEW YEAR SWIMS he dropped tons of time in several events. Way to go Aden! Keep up the hard work. —Coach Claire


Bee Cave: Gillian Tetzlaff

Gillian has been tearing it up in practice! We focused on breaststroke this week, specifically making what we call the “breaststroke triangle” to make our breaststroke as efficient and as fast as possible. Gillian did a great job with this as well as working her strike phase or lunge with the upper body. I worked with Gillian during our Summer League Tuneup program last summer, and I was so excited to see her start to swim year round. She has come a long way, and I look forward to seeing her continue to improve! —Coach Peter


Advanced Silver


Bee Cave: Theo Biggie

Theo has recently decided to get very serious about his training and focus at practice time. I have seen significant improvement for this incredibly talented young man. His dedication paid off with Theo earning his first cut in the Sprint Freestyle this weekend. Congrats, Big man! —Coach Paige


Gold I & II


CP Gold I: Gregory Tittel

Gregory hasn’t been in the group long, but he has proven he belongs. In his first few weeks, Gregory has had to get used to longer and tougher practices that challenge him mentally and physically, but he has risen to the challenge. He has shown me that he is a racer and is ready to work hard whenever asked. Awesome job Gregory! —Coach Adam


CP Gold II: Sadrine Tuttle

Sandrine was one of several swimmers representing Gold II at the meet on Saturday.  I have seen her swim fast before, but I’ve never seen Sandrine so hungry to race.  She takes everything she does very seriously, so it’s exciting for all of us to see her adding such a strong racing mentality to her positive characteristics.  I can’t wait to see that same eagerness to swim smart and fast in practice.  Way to go, Drine! —Coach Alex


Bee Cave: Kendall Rieder

One of my favorite parts of being a coach is seeing a kiddos face light up after a race and realize “that wasn’t that bad, I like it!” I was able to experience that weekend with Kendall and her 500 Free. Not only did Kendall rock it, but we learned where and how we could continue to get better! She did a marvelous job of calming her nerves and getting in the water to race. I’d love to see more and more swimmers take Kendall’s lead and try new and different events, all with a smile! —Coach Allison