Nitro Swimmer of the Week for October 20th – 25th, 2014

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park: Declan Graves Declan comes to practice with a smile on his face, eager to succeed! He has been working really hard lately to improve. The result of this effort showed up this week when he had to swim all four stroke during a set, and even though he was tired he held good technique throughout! That’s a great accomplishment! Good job, Declan!! – Coach Jessie

Bee Cave: Edward Xin – Edward really put 100 percent into his practices this week!! He has been working extra hard lately trying to master his strokes and his work is starting to pay off. His butterfly kick is really coming together and he has done a great job maintaining a steady rhythm. I love how much focus he has been putting on his technique lately! Way to go Edward! Great job this week! – Coach Meghan


Cedar Park:Sid Paryani – Sid had a great week of practice especially on the day we worked on underwater dolphin kicks. He made it underwater from one end of the pool all the way to the flags at the opposite end (NO Fins). Way to go Sid! – Coach Jeremy

Bee Cave: Allie Dunn – Allie has been working really hard this season and it really paid off at this weekends swim meet.  She had some amazing time drops and really raced with everything she had.  All of the habits she is working on in practice showed up while she was racing and I was very happy.  Great job Allie, Keep it up!!! – Coach Jared

Technique & Fitness

Cedar Park: Reyna Wang & Rivers Hobbs – Reyna did an excellent job encouraging her teammates during our relay session not alone swimming with great effort. Rivers had a great day at the pool with his butterfly. Head position and arm recovery were in sync and his timing with the breathing was on point. Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool. – Coach Steve

Burnet: Bryce Holubec – Bryce has improved so much in the few weeks that he has been in our program. He’s always eager to learn more and is going to move up to our Silver group soon! He is excited for the upcoming swim meet in November at the Burnet location. – Coach Bryan

Bee Cave: Amar Saini – He rose to the challenge during practice that was an IM order ladder set.  He was leading in his lane and setting the example for the others by really tracking where we were in the set.   His freestyle is coming along nicely in addition to his other strokes.   Great work Amar on one of our tougher sets!   Keep up the good work. – Coach Linda


Cedar Park: Chloe Wilkins – Chloe had a wonderful week! Each day she comes in with a smile and is positive with everyone around her. One day this week Chloe forgot her suit, instead of sitting out, she took the initiative to be involved in practice. She listened to each part of the workout, and focused on learning out of the pool. At one point in the practice she walked over to me and mentioned how much different it was to watch practice from above. She made the connection of how much hard work and dedication really pays off in the water. I’m proud of you Chloe! – Coach Allison

Bee Cave: Madeleine Dunn – Something very special is going on in the Silver Group, Madeleine had an injury, came to practice in a cast, now we have seen swimmers with casts on before, but this is the first time I have ever, in 35 years, had a swimmer train with the cast on her leg, some swimmers struggle with kicking, imagine not being able to point your toes because you’re wearing a cast, plus the weight and drag that pink cast adds to your leg! Most swimmers would sit out the time needed, not Madeleine, she makes practice every day, still has the smile, still pushing hard into the walls, still has great streamlines as best she can with the cast on, but this weekend she took it to a new level, she competed in the meet at the Woodlands! This is just an outstanding effort by a young lady who loves this sport, so all you swimmers out there, when you feel a little discomfort or pain, ask yourself how can I take it to the next level, or better still go ask Madeleine Dunn! Young lady I am so impressed, great job!! – Coach Chuck

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park: Robby Graves – Robby is one of several swimmers who represented Nitro over the weekend.  He swam lights-out, with one hugely impressive feat in particular: his first 400 IM in a meet.  Robby missed his heat, but he didn’t panic—instead, as we placed him in an open lane in the next heat, he focused on his race and swam it with almost perfect strategy.  He caught the attention of several National swimmers and coaches who cheered him on the whole race.  Afterwards, Robby came up to me and barely gathered enough breath to say: “That was fun.  Let’s go again!”  Perfect attitude and a perfect race.  Way to go! – Coach Alex

Bee Cave: Seth and Alec Rill – These kiddos have demonstrated a really high quality in their work in and outside the water. After some wake up call speeches this past week, the swimmers are starting to learn and see that practice makes perfect. Example of this, is the big improvement of their streamlines beyond the flags, and starts from the blocks, details which importance we always stretch in practice make the big difference during the meets.  I’ve seen awesome relationships unfold, like brothers  who have three years difference in age and seem like twins. We’ve come together as a team and that speaks volumes. Lets keep up the good work, and know that I am behind each and every one of you all the way!! See ya on deck…SI SI SI!! – Coach Felix


Cedar Park: Adam Micek – He had great meet this weekend starting right off the bat with his first A time ever. He continued the meet with great improvements in almost everything he swam. Congratulations and keep up the great work. – Coach Travis

Bee Cave: McKelvey Valenti – We always ask our swimmers to try new events, swim the mile, 400 IM, no expectations, just give it a shot! McKelvey took these words to heart, and in a period of about 20 minutes, this brave young 11 year old swam the 200 butterfly and the 400 IM, it wasn’t just a “try” these were great swims! She achieved National BB times in both events and with only a few minutes rest after her 200 butterfly she dropped 4 seconds in her 100 backstroke just missing her National A time in that event, very exciting swimming to be sure! There was no hiding how excited coach Mike and I were at this kind of heart, truly what Nitro Swimming is all about, McKelvey super job!! – Coach Chuck