Nitro Swimmer of the Week for November 25th – 30th, 2013

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park:Gannon Flynn– Gannon is a swimmer in Intro who showed true dedication to the sport of swimming this week! He came to the pool on Friday to make up practice that he missed earlier this week. He was the only person in the Intro class! He did a great job leaving on the intervals in an underwater streamline and also did an excellent job at diving off the block. He really has shown improvement in focusing and in his stroke technique. Keep up the good work, Gannon! – Coach Kirsten

Bee Cave:Connor McClune– Connor is one of our Intro’s who has great character. He is always ready to go 15 minutes before practice even begins, always is asking to demonstrate drills we are working, on and sometimes forgets what we are doing. This week Connor showed great leadership and improvement. On Tuesday he forgot his swim suit so he asked if he could help out the coaches so he can still learn what we are working on, and he did. When he came on Wednesday we warm-upped with breaststroke kick and he said he forgot how to do it (which is common for him to say), but with just a few kicks to remind the muscles what to do he was doing a legal breaststroke without the coaches telling him what do with his feet. Connor continues to make strides in his swimming and is great to coach. – Coach Nikki


Cedar Park:Jake Goltzman– This week as always Jake was very eager to work in practice. The thing that set him apart this week was his attention to detail on our drills during practice. This is a skill that will serve him very well throughout his swimming career. Keep up the good work Jake! – Coach Travis

Bee Cave: Jeffery Gunawan – Jeffery has had a very strong last few weeks. It is evident he enjoys coming to practice, and is quickly emerging as one of the group’s leaders. Well done Jeffery!

Technique & Fitness

Cedar Park:Sabrina Musslewhite & Joseph Flathmann – Both swimmers rocked it this past holiday week.  They were enthusiastic and encouraging to the other swimmers.  Streamlines, flip turns, pullouts were all outstanding.  The little details are what Coach Eric, Coach Bob and I really noticed.    Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool. – Coach Steve

Bee Cave:Sasha Dauletau– Sasha put together another fantastic week. She made huge strides in her breast stroke this week. Sasha gives 100% to every single set; she is a rising leader in our TF group. When Sasha arrives to the pool deck she always has her game face on. Keep up the great work Sasha! – Coach Adrian


Cedar Park:Claire Emata– This has been a long time coming, though her practices this week earned her the spotlight Claire has been doing great work all season.  The improvement her coaches have seen in her since she joined us in July to the great young swimmer we have in the water today has been great to watch.  Keep up the great work Claire! – Coach Dakota

Bee Cave:Bailey Hodakievic– When a swimmer has a tough race in a meet you want to see how they will react in their next swim, will they file that one away, trust how hard they have been training, step up on the block and make a breakthrough, or not? Bailey had a breakthrough moment, her 200 IM just didn’t go as planned and was disqualified, she was shaken, she was upset, coach Adrian and I watched as she swam the 100 IM, we didn’t have to hold our breath, the horn sounded and she was first off the block, nothing but attack all the way! When the white water settled Bailey had dropped 4 seconds and made a National B time! Great Stuff Bailey! – Coach Chuck

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park:Graciela Uriegas– Gracie has been working hard on her technique.  She is also supportive of her teammates on workout sets.   She is consistent and timely with her attendance in both swim practice and dry land.  She is usually one of the first swimmers to arrive in dry land for the later Advanced Silver group.   She has shown improvement in her performance in our selected swim meets.  Great job Gracie! – Coach Scott

Bee Cave: Avery McCrory and John Leeds– There has not been a day this year that I have not personally seen Avery or John stop me on the pool deck and greet me with a big smile. Their attitudes are infectious, and I just wanted to take a moment and recognize that I appreciate it very much! Coach Mike.


Cedar Park:Bryce Flynn– Recently Bryce decided to take a break from swimming. Not entirely of his own choice since he broke a bone in his hand. He has only been back in the water a couple of weeks now but this week he did an amazing job of holding pace in practice. It’s always hard to bounce back from an injury so congratulations Bryce and keep up the hard work. – Coach Travis

Bee Cave:Eric Li– When the swimmer moves up a group it can be a hard time, there is an adjustment period, little things creep in and shut the swimmer down, as coaches we see it all the time, you encourage the swimmer, tell them to trust in their ability, and Eric was no different than any other swimmer in this transition. Quietly Eric has been charging, the turns are getting faster and longer, the kick is the biggest change, when he turns it on you see the body rise up and really start to move, nothing holding him back anymore, big smiles and fast times, so if you’re struggling with a move to a new group go ask Eric Li for some advice on how to break through he’s quickly becoming the go to guy! Great job Eric!! – Coach Chuck