Nitro Swimmer of the Week for June 30th – July 5th, 2014

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park: Jasmine Sherman  Jasmine had a fantastic week in the water! Her attendance is consistent, she listens carefully to her coaches, and commits to working hard in the water – and it is paying off!! The coaches were very impressed with her progress & stroke technique this week! Well done, Miss Jasmine! Keep up the great work! – Coach Jessie

Bee Cave: Matteo Longarini – Matteo really worked hard this week! I was so proud of him on Thursday when we worked on breaststroke, because he really put a lot of focus on his kick. His concentration and hard work payed off! By the end of practice he was able to maintain a legal kick. Great job Matteo! Keep working hard! – Coach Megan


Cedar Park: Timothy Guan – He is now consistently leading his lane. He does an excellent job of knowing and executing the intervals. He is always excited to do a kick set and only does them at one speed… Fast! Congratulations and keep up the great work. – Coach Travis

Bee Cave:Sabrina Defranco – Sabrina was absolutely zoned in this week with her training. I have really enjoyed watching Sabrina’s confidence grow each practice. She has done a wonderful job transitioning her kick to her swim. Great job this week Sabrina! – Coach Adrian

Technique & Fitness

Cedar Park: Sabrina Musselwhite and Neil Panwalker– These kids did an amazing job and I want to recognize them for incredible underwater streamlines and positive attitudes and great leadership for the groups! Thank for being a part of Nitro!Great job and we will see you at the pool. Coach Steve


Bee Cave:Adam Fisher – Adam comes to every practice with the biggest smile on his face!   This week, he made great progress on his underwater push offs for backstroke and streamlining with his dolphin kicks.   He’s a delight to have in the group.  His love for the pool shows when he walks thru the doors.   Good work Adam! – Coach Linda


Cedar Park: Olivia Valdez – As Coach Bob and myself talked about some of the challenging test sets we’re giving to the swimmers this time of year we both remarked that Olivia may surprise us and get down to work in a great way.  When it came time to do our freestyle swim set sure enough, there she is holding strong and getting faster as the set goes along.  Olivia has the skills to be great and seems to really be coming around to buying into the notion that it’s technique and consistent hard work that gets us where we want to be.  Keep it up Olivia! – Coach Dakota

Bee Cave: Matthew Sabuda – Matthew is looking really good in the water, the streamline underwaters this week were great, his fly kick is getting much stronger, and every time the group started from the blocks for a time Matthew was outstanding. He has a very clean entry with a break out that is steadily moving down the pool, this is going to push his 50 times closer to those National A times. Matthew great job, lets see your use those starts and underwaters at your next Nitro Meet. – Coach Chuck

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park: Elizabeth Stephen – Liz has done extremely well over the past four months.  She has become a star athlete who is now much more competitive than in her past.  This was clearly evident in the kicking and test sets this past week, as she kept a constant kicking motor behind her the entire time from warmup to cooldown.  Although Liz is very nice and warm to her teammates, she is always on fire when she hits the water.  Keep working hard, Liz! – Coach Alex

Bee Cave: Jack Finnegan – Jack put together a great week. He has been taking a leadership role in the afternoon group that starts with dryland and extends into the water.  His strokes are looking better too, especially his butterfly.  In addition he demonstrates his focus and engagement in the sport by communicating with his coach after most practices to see what areas need improvement.  It is this type of determination and devotion that take swimmers to the next level of their sport.  Keep up the great work Jack! – Coach Jeff


Cedar Park: David Shay – He is always willing to step up and lead the lane through a hard set. You never have to ask him to try harder but if you do he will do it. Stay focused on your goals and keep striving to achieve them. Congratulations! – Coach Travis

Bee Cave: William Wallace & Kylie VanderMeer – We ran an IM set this last week two times through.  They had given me their all on the first round and when they hit round two I could see in their eyes that they didn’t think they were going to make it.  They focused on their technique and had some of the best fly I’ve ever seen them have and powered through the rest of the set.  Blasting through training barriers is what it takes to achieve your goals and they are definitely both one step closer to achieving theirs.  – Coach Hannah