Nitro Swimmer of the Week for June 1st – 6th, 2015

Swimmer of the Week for June 1st – 6th, 2015:

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park: Rishi Boopathy – Rishi is fairly new to Intro but is already proving his dedication & excitement about the sport! He walks into practice ready to go, with a smile on his face. When he encounters a new skill he is quick to ask questions, then works hard to improve. Great job, Rishi! – Coach Jessie

Bee Cave: Miguel Gomez – While we were working on dives this week one swimmer stood out amongst the other kids and not only became the most improved but also did not give up and that swimmer was Miguel Gomez. When Miguel started his dives this he was scared of the water and was struggling. Miguel was frustrated but did not let it deter him from trying and ultimately improving. Improving so much that he became one of the best divers the week. Never giving up, never saying you cannot, do something and, overcoming our fears is what makes us succeed great job Miguel. –Coach Sam


Cedar Park: Tristan Chang – Tristan finished up his great week of practice with a great swim meet at Bee Cave this weekend. I am very proud of not only his great spirit and attitude at the swim meet, but also brings that same attitude and spirit to practice! Keep working hard and having such a positive attitude Tristan! – Coach Jeremy

Bee Cave: Trevor Mays – Trevor’s confidence is soaring higher and higher each week. It is evident watching him in the water. He started the group rather tentative/hesitant, and has grown tremendously in such a short time in the water with us. Great to see. Coach Mike.

Technique & Fitness

Cedar Park: Siya Bhakta & Druv Pathak – Excellent job you two! Both of you have really been giving 100 % this past week and it shows. You both have been very attentive about knowing when to leave the wall, having a great sense of a feel for the water, and most importantly you seem to be having a great time with the swim workouts and encouraging your fellow teammates. Great streamlines and a great job on really working on THINKING when you  swim!  Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool. – Coach Steve

Bee Cave: Andrew Pataky – Andrew did really well this week in butterfly work. He tried his hardest to get the body wave down and try to listen when I gave him the instruction.  I am proud of him for working so hard this week. – Coach Tanner


Cedar Park: Greg Tittel – Greg has always been a source of energy for Silver group. He’s done a great job of being a great team mate and encouraging others. I’m proud to say that I am Greg’s coach. I was able to see him race for the first time this weekend and he did amazing. What a racer! Keep it up Greg. – Coach Allison

Bee Cave: Patton Taylor – Patton had a big breakthrough this weekend, butterfly had been a struggle, we focused on kicking with butterfly in group for the past two weeks, Patton has been working on the kick in so many ways, on the back, side, vertical,  and lots and lots of underwater, at the finish of her 50 fly on Saturday we held our breath at the finish, but not to worry an official time is on the books, she said great now I don’t have to do that again! Oh no young lady that fly was the best you have ever done and it is only the beginning of IMs and butterfly events to come. Patton worked on quick recovery, low breath, and strong legs, this will give her a very good 200 IM, great job young lady. – Coach Chuck

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park: Sarah Wilson – Sarah Wilson is this week’s SOW!  Sarah is somewhat new to the group, but she’s finding her place as a hard worker and great teammate.  She was a little timid at first, letting others go in front of her when she should have been leading and taking breaks as she got back into training shape.  Now Sarah is often leading the pack and keeping up with the big dogs – all with a big smile on her face.  Keep working hard, Sarah! – Coach Alex

Bee Cave: Caroline Pollan – This Swimmer of the Week process was a tough decision. A tough decision because we had a lot of great swimming during the week, especially during the meet on Saturday. Finally, I made the decision,  and for the first time the Swimmer of the Week goes to. Caroline Pollan 🙂 this lady finished the week with an OUTSTANDING performance on the meet, coming out with four “BB” times for her records. Your dedication and discipline are starting to get the positive results you want on your swimming career. Just keep your confidence up, create good memories and have fun in the pool. Keep it up Caroline. FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS..SISISI!!! –Coach Felix


Cedar Park:  Avery McCrory– I noticed a different spark in Avery this week during Gold Test set. She took the extra time to encourage her team mates around her while still pushing herself throughout the set. Working hard in practice is an accomplishment in itself, but taking the time to go above and beyond with your team mates is something special. Way to go, Avery. Coach Allison

Bee Cave: Matthew Sabuda – Matt has done a great job adjusting to the group, when you chase swimmers that are three to four years older than you it can be a little intimidating, The best is that Matthew is chasing the older swimmers and pushing through without knowing he has been doing just that. He has stepped up for every challenge I’ve thrown his way, he does it with a smile, and grin, and a big ” oh boy!” The results are time drops in almost every swim he has done in the last couple of meets, Great Job Young Man! – Coach Chuck