Nitro Swimmer of the Week for July 27 – August 1, 2015

Cedar Park

Intro– Ava & Aiden Kennedy
This week both Ava & Aiden Kennedy stood out for their hard work! We talked about specific goals for each of them during practice and the coaches watched as they each immediately started making changes in the water towards achieving those goals! Great job, you two!! Keep up the great work! – Coach Jessie 

TF– Sarah  Douglas and Lawrence Skergan
These two swimmers  have been fairly quiet  athletes for some time.  As in they come to practice,  get the work done and leave satisfied  with their performance.   This past week they’ve come to practice, got the work done and have left the pool with some amazing results.  Nailing  their  streamlines on backstroke  without being reminded,  great head and body position as well.  Backstroke  flipturns are coming along.  Great job focusing and showing the coaches and yourselves some great progression.   Thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool.  Coach Stephen

Bronze– Rishi Ganesh
Rishi had a fantastic week in the water. We worked on backstroke with emphasis on our kicking and flip turns. I was super impressed with his hard work and leadership in all of the practices! Way to go RISHI! – Coach Jeremy

Silver– Emilie Budjaja
Emilie is a great addition to practice everyday. While she may be on the quieter side of the spectrum she does a fantastic job of working all of her strokes. She has some beautiful strokes too! With continued effort and work in practice I can see her becoming very successful within Nitro! I love being your coach, Emilie!
-Coach Allison

Adv. Silver– Sarah Wilson
Sarah represented Nitro this weekend at Jr STAGS.  She dropped time in her 50 freestyle, and while it was a good swim, we wanted a little better performance in the water.  Instead of being content, she used this as motivation to knock her second event out of the park.  She finished second in prelims in her 50 breast with more than a two second drop, came back for finals, and finished first with an additional second shredded off her time!  This was an amazing performance, especially after such long sessions at the meet.  Awesome performance, Sarah!

Gold– Catherine Stephen
At very long Jr. STAGS she was able to swim to her first 2 A cuts. She has been working hard all season and finely was able to see that hard work pay off. Congratulations and keep up the good work. – Coach Travis

Bee Cave

Intro– Micah Gadbois
My swimmer of the week is Micah Gadbois. Micah did an excellent job this week in Nitro! He had a positive attitude, even when the practice was not easy. Good job Micah and keep up the hard work.  Coach Sarah

TF– Mariam Sajid and Zainab Sajid
Mariam recently joined her sister in TF from Intro, and she’s been rocking it! Her older sister Zainab, a veteran of TF, has been very helpful teaching Mariam the ropes. These two are constantly having fun together but are also some of the hardest workers in TF. That’s why this weeks SOW goes to the Sajid sisters! – Coach Peter

Bronze– Sabrina DeFranco
Sabrina had a wonderful week in the water. She did everything she could in the water to be successful at the Junior STAGS meet this past weekend. She may not be loud in terms of her voice, she let’s her swimming do all the talking. Well done Sabrina!

Silver- Auggie Sefcik
Auggie has really been pushing hard in practice, he has one of the strongest kicks I’ve seen on an eight year old. He is also one focused young swimmer! Running into swimmers in workout is all part of the game, but when you are at a Championship meet you don’t expect to run into a swimmer coming straight at you! Hitting heads was only a bump in the road for Auggie on his way to dropping 6 seconds, then four heats later he got a second chance and managed to drop another 3 seconds! all in a days work for a Silver Swimmer. Great Work Young Man!

Adv. Silver– Anya McCallun, Leah Michalski, Caleb Bui, Jeffery Gunawan, Mia Nobles, Megan Kelly and Ben Adams
Guys, the first steps to start developing self confidence, are always tricky to figure out. Trying to start the process can become confusing and challenging.
With the performance given this weekend at the Jr. STAGS, and of course we had ups and downs, you have shown that you are learning well how to take your swimming to the next level. Trusting yourself will always be the best way to figure out your priorities. Keep it up guys!! #BELIEVEINMAGIC!! FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS..SI SI SI!!! – Coach Felix!

Gold– Brendan Burt
You go to Championship meets to swim fast and have fun, when you can walk away learning something as well it can turn you into a great swimmer! Brendan learned that when the race is 200 meters you have to race 200 meters. He was touched out in the 200 breaststroke, a race that Brendan lead all the way until the last 4 meters, but this lesson made him a stronger wiser swimmer. the focus he had shown before the race was now of the charts. Brendan was now the racer I was waiting for, strong, patient, and willing to find a way to win. He was all smiles by the end of a very long weekend, finishing with 1 first, 2 seconds, 2 thirds, and 1 seventh, the most impressive swim in my eyes was the 400 free on the last day where he dropped just over 20 seconds! Great Job Young Man!