Nitro Swimmer of the Week for July 20th – 25th, 2015

Intro to Nitro 

Cedar Park: Sarika Ram – Sarika was very brave in practice this week! She was feeling afraid of diving & jumping in the pool, but decided to try anyway. She approached every dive with determination & by the end of practice she was up on the blocks and having a GREAT time! An awesome example of how having courage in trying new skills can pay off! Great job, Sarika!!! – Coach Jessie

Bee Cave: Carolyn Grant – Carolyn was excellent this week. She was excited to be on the pool and brought her own water bottle! Carolyn has come a long way from when I first came to Intro and this week she was noticeably paying attention while trying hard. Not only did I notice, Coach Mike did as well. Great job this week and see you next time Carolyn! – Coach Sarah


Cedar Park: Aaron Phan – Aaron did an excellent job last week working on his butterfly and being a leader every practice. He has worked especially hard on becoming a leader in the group and consistently working his hardest. I am very proud of what Aaron has done not only this past week, but also this entire summer! – Coach Jeremy

Bee Cave: Ella Pollan – Ella had a great week in the pool. She may not have the loudest voice, but she is making a lot of noise when she swims. I have really admired seeing her confidence grow each and every practice. Keep up the great work Ella, the coaches are proud of you! – Coach Adrian

Technique & Fitness

Cedar Park: Sarah  Normand & Neal Davar – They both really brought it to the table this past week. Sarah  and Neal showed great underwater streamlines past the lane buddies and keeping tight streamlines for a good five yards off EVERY wall! Sarah has really improved with her freestyle flip turns and Neal has such a positive attitude every time he shows up to get some swim work done! Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool. – Coach Steve

Bee Cave:


Cedar Park: Anna Mikhayluts – I am loving Anna’s attendance over the past few weeks. She has done a great job of making more practices and it’s beginning to show in her strokes and overall endurance. She is in a group that rises to the occasion and she’s been doing a stellar job of taking it up a notch to join the group in challenging themselves. Anna always has a smile on her face and makes my day better when she’s there! Keep it up kiddo. – Coach Allison

Bee Cave: Julia Carter – Julia has been showing more and more courage in the pool, it’s a fire that has been there, but now she demonstrates the technique needed to really excel. Watching her swim through the group as we swim several 100s freestyle, I remember when it was a struggle for her, now seeing times consistently under 1:30 for the 100 I know it’s time for her to move to Advanced Silver. No one in the Silver group has worked harder than Julia, the strokes are all there, she has the right attitude, and this weekend at Junior STAGS we should see some great swims from her. I can’t wait! Great Job Julia! – Coach Chuck

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park: Katie Zografos – Katie has been recovering from a serious wrist injury over the last several weeks, but that has barely hurt her attendance.  She’s now off her brace and is swimming full stroke at practice.  Katie had a bit of a mental block for awhile where she let her injury get the best of her.  After talking with her about her goggles “magically filling up with water” when she got behind the group, she changed her attitude and didn’t let her injury stop her.  Now she’s doing every yard of every practice and I couldn’t be happier with her.  Keep being tough, KTZ! – Coach Alex

Bee Cave: Sasha Gonce – Sasha, what an OUTSTANDING job you did during this past week. You came in stronger and decided to make the difference every single day. I remember you asked about the key to being a better swimmer, and I just told you, be PERSISTENT and you’ll see. You’re starting to understand the concept…keep it up Sasha! FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS..SI SI SI!!! – Coach Felix


Cedar Park: Jaylin DuBose, Melissa Emata, Chad Fifield, Kelson Flynn, Trinity Hoang, Julia McCurley, Julia Rautaneva, Paula Warren, Rylee Worley – All of these swimmers we a part of our TAGS team this weekend. They all swam with great passion throughout the meet. It was a very close meet this year so every swim was important to the team. Total team effort on this one. I’m very proud of everyone. – Coach Travis

Bee Cave: TAGS Participants (Abigail Smith, Jillian Cox, Norah Cullicott, Bennett Li, Liam Murphy, Jasmine Park, Sydney Rawie, Logan Walker, Morgan Rodriguez, Matthew Sabuda, Cammi Schaufelberger, Tailyn Schaufelberger, and John Singletary – Last night we concluded our TAGS championship meet. The kids were on fire all weekend. There were some good swims and some not so good swims, the swimmers never let it get to them. Swim after swim, the kids kept blowing our minds. Logan Walker was nearly perfect the whole week, he managed to walk away with six state titles and two broken state records. Morgan Rodriguez swam away with state titles in the 50 and 100 backstroke. Every single one of you were a part of this championship, we couldn’t of done it without you guys. The coaches are very proud of each and every one of you. – Coach Adrian