Nitro Swimmer of the Week for August 18th – 23rd, 2014

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park: Auyushi Prasad  Auyushi stood out this week as someone who is really improving! She is enthusiastic about the sport and is working hard to get better every week. Also, she consistently attends practices, and that is a big part of seeing progress! All this effort is paying off! The coaches were really impressed by Auyushi’s stroke technique this week! Great job, Auyushi!! – Coach Jessie

Bee Cave: Sarika Hegde – Sarika has been working extra hard lately! She has been coming into practice excited and ready to swim. I love her enthusiasm! This week she was doing such a wonderful job with her butterfly kick! Her rhythm was steady and he was so fluid in the water! Great job this week Sarika!! Keep working hard! – Coach Megan


Cedar Park: Emily Iliukevich – She rose to be one of the best lane leaders that we had in the group. Her attention to the focus of the drills is something that will be missed as she will be moving to the Silver group. I wish her and all of the other move ups the best and I hope they continue to work as hard as they have in Bronze in their new groups. Congratulations – Coach Travis

Bee Cave:Braydon Angie – Braydon had a great week in the pool. He has been a rising leader all summer. I’ve really enjoyed seeing his confidence grow in the pool. His under waters have improved tremendously, keep up the great work. Nice job this week Braydon!! – Coach Adrian

Technique & Fitness

Cedar Park: Vy Truong &  Victor Guardado – Vy has done an outstanding job this past week with her technique.  She really has impressed the coaches with her streamlines, high elbows on her freestyle and all around positive attitude.  Victor really gave us notice when he nailed all of his streamlines under the lane buddies.  His breaststroke has vastly improved over the past few months as well.  Great job you two thanks for being a part of NITRO and we’ll see you at the pool. – Coach Steve

Bee Cave: Madison Hsieh – Madison has been diligently working at all sessions and it’s really showing.   Her freestyle is really developing nicely.  Her endurance and stamina is up as the group has been swimming further especially this week.  Great progress Madison!  Keep it up! – Coach Linda


Cedar Park: Peyton Molacek – Peyton had a great week in the water! Not only does she come to every practice with a smile, always first out of water and ready to listen what coaches has to say- she also puts effort into what she does. Over the past few months Peyton increased her confidence in the practice which showed in her swimming as well as in her huge improvement to her endurance as we’ve asked her to get after some tough sets over the past week. – Coach Rasa

Bee Cave: Lisa Kortekaas – What can you say about a swimmer who comes to practice every day with a big smile, a happy attitude, and a pure joy for the water, not to mention a huge kick, which all coaches love to see. Lisa has fun at practice, she always has a question, likes to ask to swim timed events, is always ready to volunteer to demonstrate, and meets the harder sets with the biggest smiling laugh you have ever seen! When she turns on the kick and attacks the swim you see times like 1:31 for the 100 IM, as a coach you say WOW, and sometimes for a moment you forget she is only 7 years old! Keep that smile and laugh going young lady!! – Coach Chuck

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park: Grant Gould – Grant is a veteran swimmer who jumped in with Advanced Silver for the end of this last season.  Coaches rarely see swimmers as happy to be at Nitro as Grant is every day.  He is all smiles from the moment he walks through the door and his attitude is definitely infectious.  With Grant’s love for the water, we are excited to see how great of an athlete he can become if he puts his mind to working hard and accomplishing his goals.  It’s great to have you on board, Grant! – Coach Alex

Bee Cave: Tam-my Nguyen – Tam-my is still fairly new to the group, however, I’m very impressed with her drive, focus and tenacity.  She isn’t afraid of going first and pushing herself.  At the same time she is kind and respectful to both her fellow teammates and the coaches.  In some challenging workouts this week she really stepped up her game and brought a whole new level to her training. Keep up the great work Tam-my! – Coach Jeff


Cedar Park: Claire Emata – She has been very impressive during practice this week. He work ethic is consistently at the top of the group. I hope that she continues to push herself and the rest of the group as we move forward into a new short course season. Congratulations – Coach Travis

Bee Cave: Norah Cullicott – Norah is the reason why I love being a swim coach, when you see the heart this you lady displays in the water every day you have to stop and be impressed! Life in the swim lane has a personality, strong freestylers, big kickers, flyer IMers, Breaststroker IMers, swimmers who lead, swimmers who chase, and the mix is always changing, growing, evolving, the lane can look different every single day. Norah, who I’ve been watching for two years now, has been growing as well, she is someone who has a big kick, and it is a weapon in the water, she uses it more to race than to chase, don’t let her size fool you, she can swim down swimmers who are older and bigger, and with the last few weeks of training Norah has shown me that this short course season is going to be a good one! Norah keep feeding the beast with that kick for coach Adrian and Jason! – Coach Chuck