Nitro Swimmer of the Month for February 2016

Cedar Park

High School Training: Ramsey Foote – There isn’t an ounce of quit in Ramsey. I’ve never seen anyone thrive off a challenge more than Ramsey, in fact, many of those challenges come from him himself! He clearly has taken ownership of his training, and will never give anything less than 100%. He’s not only one of the hardest workers, but is also a positive force, encouraging others, and never putting anyone down. He Listens, focuses, and puts his best Foote forward, not matter the odds. Definitely a shinning example of the kind of swimmers we love at Nitro, and has emerged as a leader in HST. I’d say keep working hard Ramsey, but I know you’re already five steps ahead of me on that. So I’ll say, great work, it’s great coaching you sir, and lets make this another great week! – Coach Nick 

TAGS 2: Shannon Bagnal – She has done an amazing job working through a rough beginning of the season that she started off with a broken arm. She has worked hard to prepare herself for this Championship season and has done so very well. She did a great job at STAGS with lots of prelim and finals swims. She now has her sights set on TAGS. Congratulations and keep up the great work. – Coach Travis

TAGS 1: Andrew Osorio – Andrew had himself a month worth taking note of, starts the month of swimming Districts very fast races qualified for Regionals, goes to Regionals swims 200 & 500 Free and picks up two new Short Course TAGS cuts in both events, right away next weekend he comes down to STAGS and picks up several new TAGS cuts as well. Then weekend after that Andrew as a freshman helps his high school team win the Texas UIL 5A State Championship title. Very proud of all Andrew’s accomplishments for Nitro and outside of Nitro, well deserved for one of the nicest swimmers ever. – Coach Flo

Sectional Development: Elise Johnson – Elise has had a wonderful SCY season. I could not be more proud of the hard work and dedication she has made this season. She has achieved two TAGS/Sectional (100&200 BR) cuts along with newly being named one of the Team Captains for the TAGS meet! Keep up the GREAT WORK and HAVE FUN this weekend! – Coach Jeremy

National Development: Hannah Palacios – Hannah had a great last few meets putting up a number of lifetime bests. More importantly though, Hannah brings a positive mindset and a smile to practice everyday.  Quietly she is one of the hardest workers in ND. That positivity and work ethic helped push her to a winter juniors bonus cut in her 100 fly! – Coach Elliott

Bee Cave

Middle School & High School Training:  Alexis and Olivia Ross. The Middle & High School Training group just wouldn’t be as fun without Alexis and Olivia. The energy and positive attitude they bring to every practice is contagious and certainly rubs off on the other swimmers as well as me. They often have funny stories to tell during practice but also work hard (most of the time). These girls are the heart and soul of the group. – Coach Peter


TAGS 2: Charlee Ann Hallett – Charlee had a great weekend! I was able to see her race for the last time for the Short Course season, and she blew it out of the water. I love how well Charlee balances everything in her life. Its such a mature quality for an 11-12 year old girl. With school, other sports, and swimming on the table, she has done it all! Everyday that she is able to make it to practice, I am very excited for her to continue to get better. She has a very natural feel for the water, and is a natural athlete at that. She was able to achieve an A time this weekend, that she has been work and striving for some time now. I can’t wait to continue to work with Charlee, and keep it up girlfrand! – Coach Allison

TAGS 1: Jack Rausch – Has been chosen as swimmer of the month for February.  Jack has been a consistent worker at practices.  He always has fun at practice.  He always trains with the leaders of the group.  Jack has overcome not wanting to race to becoming a TAGS qualifier in the 200 Breaststroke, and a relay contributor for our TAGS team.  After a false start at STAGs in the 200 Breast, he made the cut at our Leap Year meet.  He has a wide range of events including the mile and 400 IM.  I’m proud of all of Jack’s progress and am excited to watch him grow into a Senior swimmer.  Congrats to you young man and keep up the good work. – Coach Randy

Senior: Sean Kelly – Sean has had a great month, his 500 free is really starting to take shape, this has been some tough training for Sean, splitting time between his high school team and Nitro, but Sean ha does it with little to no trouble. To keep him on track he has even pulled some practices with Coach Jason and Coach Randy, and the report back is always good news. Sean has been developing his ability towards some of the longer races, his 500 free has shown tremendous improvement over the last month, I am looking forward to the long course training where I believe we will be able to take Sean into a new area of swimming, working on a faster sustainable stroke rate. Long course will be a true test for Sean but I believe this summer will be a great one for him. Great Job young man!! – Coach Chuck

National Development: Alyssa Arnold – Alyssa had a great month. It was an extremely busy month of racing as she competed in several high school meets along with STAGS and Sectionals. Alyssa was very focused and put up some excellent performances in the 100 & 200 back, the 100 fly, and she had a big drop in the 500 free. Congratulations on a great month! – Coach Jason


National Group Swimmers of February: Brittany Thompson & Ryan Geheb – Congratulations to the new Summer Junior National qualifiers! Brittany and Ryan cashed in all their hard work this season for their first ever Summer Junior National cuts at Sectionals this past weekend. Brittany on the first night of finals took out her 200 meter back in finals like a woman on a mission and finished like a champ to achieve the Junior cut. This set the tone for the rest of finals and the rest of the weekend for herself and her teammates. Her counter-part, Ryan, wasted no timeFriday morning in his 200yd breaststroke in conquering his heat with his first ever junior cut. He went on to achieve the cut LCM in finals and achieved the 100 breaststroke cut in SCY and LCM. These two individuals took advantage of their opportunities and put themselves in an awesome position for the long course season. – Coach Tim & Coach Rob