Nitro Swimmer of the Month for May 2017

Cedar Park

Senior: Daniel Warren

Daniel has been working on a lot of different things in workout this past month. He asks me on a regular basis how his workout was, what he can improve on, and more. Not to mention he has been CRUSHING dryland workouts, I can always look at Daniel after a dryland workout and see that he has been working hard and pushing himself. Keep working hard Daniel! —Coach Dan


Sectional Development: Adrienne Nguyen

Adrienne continues to impress on a day by day basis. We had an exceptionally difficult workout last Friday and she rose the the challenge and swam lights out fast. Let’s not forget that she also picked up an A cut in her 100 freestyle at the UT replacement meet this past month as well. Adrienne is always open to technical work and always has a big smile on her face, can’t wait to see how great she will continue to be!  —Coach Dan


TAGS 2: Chloe Wilkins

I have been impressed with Chloe’s attitude and work ethic since she arrived in our group just a few weeks ago. Every day, she is asking how she can get better and then applying those coaching suggestions to her training. The hard work and attention to detail is already starting to pay off and I’m excited to see what she is capable of achieving during the championship season. Keep up the good work, Chloe. Go Nitro! —Coach Daniel


TAGS 1: Corby Furrer

Corby is a beast in the water and always working to make himself better. His improvement with in the past year let alone the past several months is phenomenal. He trains well and can swim and has really developed as a swimmer now having a qualifying cut for TAGS in not just the 50 Free but all of the freestyles all the way up to the mile, and everything else but the Breaststrokes (work in progress). Very proud of Corby for buying into the Nitro mentality of being a well rounded swimmer, we will see a lot of long term success for him because of that approach. —Coach Flo


Bee Cave

HS/MS Training: Drew Odama

Drew has come onto the scene super strong since joining the Middle & High School Training group. He’s improved immensely in every single stroke. He leads is his lane regularly now and is just a lights out kicker. I’m so impressed with the work has put in since joining the group from TF. Definitely a well deserved SOM award. Great job, Drew! —Coach Peter


Senior: Jonathan Zhao

Jonathan has taken hold of some stroke changing adjustments these last few practices, head control being the biggest, he has reduced a lot of motion in the head and arm movements, results during some fast sets were great! I am really impressed with how Jonathan has been attacking the longer sets on freestyle but has done an equally great job on the middle of his IM, fast turnover on back with good hand speed on breaststroke. He has taken some big strides in building through his training stroke sets. This past month had been some of the best work Jonathan has ever done in Senior! Great job young man! —Coach Chuck


TAGS 2: Abigail Smith

Abigail has taken a huge turn in her training in the past month. I am excited to see what is to come, but more excited about what I am seeing currently. She has been holding her strokes strong, and we have been working together to continuously work on stroke technique and staying committed to getting better. I love her silly jokes, even the ones that make no sense sometimes. She keeps the mood light in the group, and is doing a great job of being consistent in her hard work. Keep it up pretty girl! —Coach Allison


TAGS 1: Quinn Mauck

Definitely, every month, these kids make the Swimmer of the Month a very difficult selection for the coach. On this particular case, this swimmer has become a real leader in and out of the water. I’ve learned that to be an exceptional leader we don’t need to lead the lane everyday in practice, we just need to have the desire to be the best in everything we do. The best example was two weeks ago when Quinn left practice earlier to attend an activity from school. After a while, he came back to the pool to verify if he was able to jump in with National Development to finish that nights practice (and of course I said yes). This is something very valuable for me as a coach, seeing my swimmers always going for more looking for EXCELLENCE. Remember Quinn, is never enough and there’s always an opportunity to be better…just identify the moment, take the chance and enjoy the ride! Good job Quinn! Keep it up. FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!! SI SI SI!! —Coach Felix


National Development: Clayton Meyer

Clayton has had a tremendous month of training and recommitment to his goals. He has been working on some corrections that should pay off this season. Clayton is a Fly and Sprint free specialist. Every pull set last month he led the group including morning with NG. Keep up the hard work and dedication Clay. Patience and persistence will pay off! —Coach Randy


National Group: Chris Yeager and Sarah Cano

Chris decided in mid-April that he wanted to go to Open Water National. With a short time to prepare he dove all in with his training.  Chris performed strongly!! He place 9th overall, 6th place for Americans and 2nd for 18 and unders. Sarah has been arguably the group’s most determined worker the last two months. She’s committed fully to her dryland and technique changes. This led her to two lifetime bests without any taper!  —Coach Elliot