Nitro Swim Team | Swimmers of the Week for July 16-21, 2012


Swimmers of the Week for July 16th – 21st:

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park:All of the swimmers who competed at the Nitro at the Races this past Saturday– There were some ups and downs along the way and each one of them overcame their obstacles to have a great swim meet! I was extremely impressed with each of my swimmers in and out of the water on Saturday, from diving off the blocks, to swimming without goggles, to being a new friend to someone who was nervous at the meet.  The Intro to Nitro swimmers made my Saturday!  Thank you so much kiddos and never stop doing what you are doing!

Bee Cave:Lucas Zha – In preparation for The LONG COURSE Nitro at the Races meet this last Saturday, the Intros worked on their dives and finishes. Everyone had a lot of fun last week while also getting some GREAT work and improvement in. Good job everyone! One kiddo that I would like to point out in particular is Lucas. He really set his mind to getting his dive to be the best that it could be.  All of his determination paid off on Saturday because he rocked all of his races! He also is one of the few Intro Kids that stepped up to the daunting challenge of not only swimming in the pool when it was set up for long coarse, (very intimidating) but racing in it too. Very good job Lucas!


Cedar Park: Sebastian Martinez– Sebastian has done an incredible job this week, stepping up and racing swimmers in his lane making the entire group faster. Sebastian raced so fast that everyone in his lane did not want to be left behind and tried to take the lead spot in the lane from him, which in turn had an effect on the lanes next to his because they noticed everyone in Sebastians lane taking off. In short he has made the entire Bronze group faster. Very good job, Sebastian!

Bee Cave: Athena Luo– Athena just moved up to Bronze from Intro to Nitro and we have already been impressed.  She listens well and concentrates on her strokes and the corrections we ask her to make.  This past Saturday Athena participated in out Nitro at the Races event at the Bee Cave location.  Overcoming some anxiety at the beginning, Athena was able to refocus and proceeded to give us several strong races.  Keep up the great work Athena!

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park:ALL OF THE SWIMMERS WHO ARE MOVING ON, TO DIFFERENT GROUPS, IN THE FALL!!!!! –  You guys were awesome this past summer.  Your technique looks great, your winning attitudes are positive, and your effort in the pool is outstanding.  I’m going to miss you guys, but I’m always at the pool.  Keep up the good work, thanks for being a part of NITRO, and I’ll see you at the pool.

Bee Cave:Shrey Mujmudar– Shrey has been giving his practices a 100% effort. Coach Scott and I are starting to notice the improvement in his attitude and streamlines. Keep up the great work! You deserve the recognition.


Cedar Park:Soomin Kim– Soomin has done a great job this past week. She has improved her IM turns and streamlines off of every wall. She has changed some old habits into great ones, and is beginning to improve her swimming. Keep it up Soomin!

Bee Cave:Isabella Sites– Isabella joined us from Nitro’s summer rec program and has fit in very nicely!  Her work ethic and happy demeanor has been such a delight in Silver.  She is improving every week and making a very positive impact in our silver group.  Keep up the great work Isabella!

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park:Addie Arminstead– Addie had a great AAAA meet and was able to qualify for A champs in four events. While at A champs she gave me one of the most priceless moments of the meet. When she was told she qualified for B finals in the 200 backstroke, her hands flew up to her face, a big smile broke out, and she said, “I’m so happy I’m speechless!” That kind of attitude will take her a long way and we’re all very proud of her accomplishments this season. Great job Addie!

Bee Cave:Aren Taylan– Aren has put together a great week and I have seen solid improvement in his effort, focus and drive.   Aren stepped it up especially during the breaststroke sets where he was leading his lane on several occasions.  Keep up the good work Aren, with weeks like this one you are just going to get stronger and stronger.


Cedar Park: Cassandra Keating– Cassandra has done a great job this week finding things outside of everything her coaches assign her to make her swimming stronger and better. She is truly dedicated to the sport and always laughing and smiling, which makes coaching her super easy. Keep up the great work Cassandra!!!

Bee Cave:Ethan Hammond– Ethan has been working very hard and is very goal oriented.  He has set specific goals and knows what it takes to meet them.  Ethan is swimming harder & faster than I’ve seen him, and with a positive attitude.  Keep up the great work Ethan, the taste of victory is sweet!