Nitro Swim Team | Swimmers of the Week

Swimmers of the Week

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park: Karsten Olson Karsten joined Nitro this summer and has shown great improvements across the board.  He has a lot of power, we are working and learning how to harness those powers for the greater good faster kicking and strong swimmer arms.  Karsten is an excellent example of a swimmer who has a love for the water coming in and after swimming in his first Nitro at the Races Meet is now toning up to be a swimming force to be reckoned with.  Karsten, keep up the great work and you will continue to see the great improvements you have been aiming for!

Bee Cave: Caitlin Trammell Honorable mention going to Shane Burns and Tailyn Schaufelberger. Caitlin has come to every practice excited and ready to work hard to get better and we are already seeing improvement in all of her strokes. Even more importantly, she is the first one to welcome anyone new or encourage anyone who may be having a hard time. Caitlin is fun and easy to coach. Shane and Tailyn both get honorable mention for setting the record in BC Intro to Nitro 100 kick with fins at 1:21.


Cedar Park:   Mckenzie Hunninghake Mckenzie has been improving weekly by building on the skill set she learned from the week before. Mckenzie has been doing a great job keeping up with her intervals and understanding where she is in any given set. Great job Mckenzie, keep it up!

Bee Cave:   Sadie Austin Sadie has really been applying herself in the water and it shows.  She is always eager to be a demonstrator and is a great person for the others in the group to look to during sets. Well done Sadie!

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park:   Rachel Cook and Parker Speich   Both just started swimming with NITRO this past September, and have become a great addition to our team.  They have enthusiasm, good attitudes, they ask questions, and set good examples for the other swimmers.  Parker had his first meet with NITRO recently, and did an exceptional job.  Great job you two, and keep up the great work.  Thanks for being a part of NITRO.  See you at the pool.

Bee Cave:   Emily Cook Emily has been improving on a consistent basis throughout the past two and a half months. Every practice she always has some sort of question about a drill. Whenever I ask for a volunteer she is always raising her hand. She displays great team spirit by cheering and encouraging all the swimmers in the group. Recently we had a breakthrough on her breaststroke. Keep up the great work Emily!


Cedar Park: Joseph Gonzales and Brandon Wen Joseph always comes to practice ready to work, and is a leader in one of the larger Silver groups. He leads his lane every day and always works hard day in and day out. He is very steadily becoming a good swimmer! Keep up the hard and consistent work Joseph! Brandon is hard worker, and always is willing to try new things for his strokes. He listens very well, and did really well at our last Nitro at the Races meet. Brandon is a quiet individual but his swimming is very loud! Great job over the last few weeks Brandon!

Bee Cave:   John Fontenot John always comes to practice with a positive attitude and willing to work hard even when the sets were challenging for him. Keep up the good work!

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park:Allison Howells Alli always comes in with a positive attitude, a smile on her face and encouragement for her teammates. This attitude and her hard work are making a great impression!

Bee Cave: Lara Mckennon Lara puts all she has into every workout.  She is usually leading her lane and consistently steps up on challenge sets.  This past week she clocked a 1:03.5 in a 100 kick with fins taking the record for the group.  Well done Lara!  Keep up the great work!


Cedar Park: Garrett Mott Garrett has done a really great job training this past week, he has gotten a better feel for the water and is starting to show how strong he is in the water in many strokes. His butterfly is becoming more powerful every time he swims it. Garrett thanking you for being the leader in the Gold group and setting the most positive example you can. Always smiling and kind to his fellow teammates.

Bee Cave: Hannah Bailey Hannah made many positive changes in her freestyle on Saturday by listening and not going back to what was easy. She is always hard working and does what is asked of her and more. Great job this week!