Nitro Swim Team – Swimmer of the Week for August 20-25, 2012

Swimmer of the Week for August 20th – 25th, 2012:

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park:Dylan Becker– Dylan has really taken himself to a new level in class the last couple weeks.  Working on intervals has been an exciting challenge for Intro and Dylan taking to it like a natural.  Watching the clock has always been easy for Dylan, now he is really starting to shine, understanding intervals has allowed Dylan’s strokes to progress!  It has been an awesome experience to witness, not only with Dylan, but with all of the Intro swimmers!

Bee Cave:Max Lain– Every week Max is in contention to be Swimmer of the week. He continuously demonstrates the attitude and focus of our ideal swimmer at Nitro. Max listens tremendously well, and remembers almost everything I tell him. He is always friendly and courteous to everyone in his lane and class, not to mention the class clown. Max consistently gives me 100% effort along with a acute sense of detail for technique. Keep up the great work when you get to Bronze Maxi!


Cedar Park: Bronze #1– Didn’t miss beat with any of the warm-ups this week, making all the intervals helping each other stay on task and enjoying practice on a daily basis. On top of all that these Swimmers improved their Freestyle and Backstroke techniques drastically really focusing on their hip rotations and improving the length of their strokes. Congrats to all see you Monday!

Bee Cave:Cammi Schaufelberger– Cammi had a great week. She focused and made changes to her stroke and Cammi put together some great backstroke starts. Keep that focus going Cammi! Great job this week!

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park:Jana Erni & Nathan Early – Jana has had a incredible advancement in her breaststroke.  She enjoys it, and it shows.  She has a great way of cutting through the water, and efficiently swimming across the pool.  Nathan has taken some time off, but has returned with a great attitude, and a fun presence in the pool.  He jumped right back into the thick of things, and had a ball.  In addition to these two, the summer groups did an incredible job the past few months.  If we don’t see you at the pool, have a great school year, thanks for being a part of NITRO, and we’ll see you soon.

Bee Cave: Serene Hoskins– Ever since returning from Italy Serene has been working her butt off week in and week out. Every challenge I throw at her she rises to the occasion. Her persistent attitude in the pool is certainly showing by blowing by people set after set. She also is a great leader to her lane which also consists of her younger brother and sister. I’m very proud of you Serene, keep up the great work.


Cedar Park:All the swimmers that have been part of the group over the last year– They all have done a great job improving their swimming, and listening skills. Additionally, the group has grown tremendously and is set up for success in the future. Keep up the hard work!

Bee Cave:Michael Wallace– Just a few weeks ago Michael joined Nitro and the silver team. In the short time Michael has been with us he is already showing that he is willing and able to be a leader for the group. With his attitude and effort at practice every day, the sky is the limit for Michael.

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park:Matthew McCarthy– Matthew has been on fire at practice lately, even surprising himself with how fast he has been swimming! Great job Matthew and we are looking forward to a great short course season!

Bee Cave: Erika Fritz– Erica has been swimming with us for only a short time. She joined us from our summer rec clinics. Her technique shows real promise and she has improved greatly in the past couple of months. However, the reason why she is the swimmer of the week is because of her attitude. She listens well and focuses on the task at hand. When she is provided direction on her strokes she puts the effort in to make the corrections. But most important of all, she demonstrates how much she enjoys being here by her smile and a sincere interest in improving herself. Keep up the great work Erika!


Cedar Park: WATER MELON RELAYS/WATER POLO– The swimmer of the week this week goes to the Watermelon Relays and Water Polo games, they were as fun to watch as, I hope, they were to play. Back to work this next week, games are over and the quest of becoming great swimmers continues.

Bee Cave:Lara McKennon– Lara really put some serious work in this week at dry land and in the pool!! She seemed quite intimidated by our challenge set this Saturday, but prevailed victorious. She conquered 10 x 100 all out sprints from a dive on 4:00 interval having to sit and not move until her next swim. Having the swimmers sit and not stretch created lactic acid, tiring their bodies. Lara maintained a steady time each round. Keep up the great work Lara! Great things are in store this fall for you!