Nitro Swim Team | Swimmer of the Week for April 30th – May 5th

Swimmer of the Week for April 30th – May 5th:

Intro to Nitro

Cedar Park:Jaylin Dubose – Jaylin, being newer to Intro she is really shining.  She has done great with each new set we have given her, this past week we worked on body rotation for our backstroke.  The drills were challenging and required a bit of active thinking, but Jaylin grasp the concepts and gave her best.  She maintained great head position while focusing on her body rotation during the drills and again in her regular backstroke swimming.  Keep up the great work Jaylin, it is working for you!

Bee Cave:Livia Woolery & Maily Nguyen– Livia and Maily are both relatively new girls to our Intro to Nitro group. They have both been improving so rapidly that I couldn’t just pick one this week. Livia is a kind little girl who always works hard and tries very hard to do all the drills correctly. Maily is a sweet and funny girl that has excellent instincts in the water. She is already one of my best demonstrators after only 3-4 weeks with us. Both girls are great listeners and a joy to have on the pool deck. Keep up the great work girls!


Cedar Park:Neha and Megha Siddapureddy– Twins Megha and Neha recently joined the Bronze group from Intro, by way to TF, and have totally blown the coaches away! They are rocking any and every set given to them, always while maintaining impeccable stroke technique. Both ladies have a great feel for the water, which makes their pint-size deceiving to teammates. “Small but mighty” is what we’ve come to learn about both Megha and Neha. Great work ladies, thank you for your can-do attitudes and cheerful smiles. Keep up the great work!

Bee Cave:Kylie Vandermeer– Kylie always has a smile on her face.  She listens and responds well to the coaches.  This week we went back and worked on some diving basics and Kylie really took to it providing me with some examples for some of her fellow swimmers.  Keep up the great work Kylie!

Technique and Fitness

Cedar Park:Alyson Jia, Wiley Unruh, Abby Hawes & Diego Ortega– The first two swimmers are a great addition to the NITRO team.  They bring great energy to the pool, and attitudes to match.  We have seen some great technique from these two, over the past few weeks. As for Abby and Diego after many weeks working on timing and technique, we are beginning to see great advances with these two.  Diego is nailing his streamline kicking on his back, and Abby has really improved on her breaststroke.

Bee Cave:Avi Li– Avi comes to practice with a huge smile on his face. His presence gives this group high energy. Since he has joined our team huge strides have been taken in his freestyle. Keep up the great work Avi!


Cedar Park:Sarah Waters– Sarah has been very consistent over the last few months, doing her best to make stroke corrections and working hard to get the most out of the practices. Sarah is a lot of fun to have in the group!

Bee Cave:Grace Vu– Grace is continuously working hard, and understanding how to go faster using better stroke technique.  In particular, her breaststroke has improved tremendously since the UT meet.  It is wonderful to see her at competition meets!  She puts her coaches’ words into action, and she gets instant results! Way to go, Grace!

Advanced Silver

Cedar Park:Helena Hurtado– Helena has been fantastic at practice all week, working very hard, making new intervals and generally swimming out of her mind. It’s been very exciting to watch and we can’t wait to see all of the hard work pay off!!

Bee Cave:Lara McKennon– Lara has really stepped up her training in recent weeks and this week was no exception.  She has a great attitude at practice and leads by example among her peers.  At the meet this weekend Lara got her leg stuck in the bulkhead.   She handled it like a champion and swam the rest of the meet like nothing had happened.  Way to go Lara!  Great concentration and determination.  Keep it up!


Cedar Park: Anissa Chan– Anissa just turned 13 this past week and right away swam her first meet as 13 year old this weekend, meaning she had to swim the later sessions on both days, she figured out there is a significant difference between swimming as a 12 and under compared swimming with the 13 and over crowd. She handled it like a Champ and was still extremely competitive in all of her heats and improved her times. Very proud of you Anissa keep up the hard work!

Bee Cave:Swimmers that went to San Antonio Meet– After long, hot days, these kids stepped up and swam their hearts out, with a lot of best times.  I am proud of these kids and see progress every time they swim…whether at practice or at a meet.  Keep up the great work!