Nitro Swim Team | Short Course Fall Registration Instructions 2012-2013

“There’s a possibility that the group you want might be currently filled. We recommend having two to three alternative options just in case. We do a very good job of maintaining our wait lists in the event that your only option is filled. If you’d like group availabilities prior to registering, please email (if Cedar Park); or (if Bee Cave).  Thanks!”


Please Read All of the Following Instructions Prior to Registration.

If your swimmer is currently in the water:

  • Beginning July 23rd – You will need to email (for Cedar Park swimmers), or (for Bee Cave swimmers) – with your “three” top choices of practice times from our fall schedule.
    • Bee Cave Fall Schedule
    • Cedar Park Fall Schedule
  • These emails will be honored in order received and as groups fill up you will be given your second or third choices.  You will receive an email confirmation as to which group you are granted. (example:   1st choice – Silver #3, 2nd choice – Silver #5, 3rd choice Silver #1)  If you are in a group that only has one option (like Sectional), you still need to send in your group – this will confirm your fall placement.
  • In your email to cpreg or bcreg – please include your swimmers t-shirt size.  If you do not submit this information you will have to choose from the sizes available.
  • You will have until Aug. 5th to complete this process – at this time registration will open up to returning and new swimmers and groups will fill up fast!
  • If you have no intention of swimming in the fall you will need to complete a withdrawal form either online or at the front desk by Aug. 15th.
  • If we have not received communication of some sort from you by Aug. 30th, your swimmer(s) will manually be withdrawn effective Sept. 1, 2012.

 Returning and New Swimmers:

  •  You are a RETURNING swimmer if:  your swimmer did NOT swim long course or is NOT currently in the water, but has swam with Nitro in the past.
  • You are a BRAND NEW swimmer if:  your swimmer does not possess a USA Swim ID#, moving up from the swim school program, or moving from summer rec to team.  You must be evaluated by a coach prior to registration.
  • Beginning Aug. 6th – any swimmers not currently in the water or brand new to Nitro Team swimming, will need to go online and register for Fall Short Course.
  • Returning swimmers – Please choose the “returning” swimmer option to reactivate your past Nitro account.
  • All “returning” swimmers will begin practice the week of Aug. 27th.   *Prorated tuition for the last week in Aug. will be invoiced to your online account.
  • All brand new swimmers – We will also need your swimmers birth certificate or passport.
  • All brand new swimmers will begin the week of Sept. 1st.
  • Groups will fill up – for best results in getting the practice time you most desire, sign up quickly.
  • Returning and New Swimmers must register here:

Nitro-Bee Cave 2013 Summer Registration
Nitro-Cedar Park 2013 Summer Registration