The Skinny on Tech Suits from Coach Mike

Hi All – This note pertains to “Tech” suits, and I’m sending this note out to all families simply from an education standpoint with an opinion or two thrown in…

Like most sports, Swimming has different levels of gear available. Entry level, mid level, and a high end when it comes to competition type swim suits. These specialized racing type suits for high level competitions are commonly referred to as “Tech” suits.

Finis (our team gear sponsor) offers three levels of Tech Suit: The Fuse (lowest price point), the Vapor Pro (mid-high level), and the Rival (Finis’ elite level suit). I will describe each of those suits below, but first my professional opinion on Tech suits:

A tech suit is constructed to be very form fitting, actually “compressing” the body into becoming a smaller vessel, more hydrodynamic, creating less surface area, less drag, less friction. At the younger ages, I’d advise you all to save your money and skip the tech suit. I am not going to mandate that, but that is my suggestion. Once 13 or older, a tech suit would likely have some advantages in aiding performance depending on body type, but the decision has to be weighed against the financial side as Tech suits can get pricey, although Finis’ are better priced than most others.

As a swimmer progresses up the performance ladder, there are incentives to get deep discounts on Finis’ tech suits. Once an athlete achieves Jr National, National, and/or Olympic Trials cuts, Finis will provide them free of charge team sweats, shirt, backpack, and their choice of Tech suit.

As I stated above, Finis has three levels of Tech suits. They have good, better, best options and the price points reflect that. The Fuse is a great entry level suit at a great price point. The Vapor Pro is for all levels of swimming. It is suitable for elite swimmers and also a great first suit for that swimmer ready for the first investment in a suit. The Rival is an elite level racing suit for high-level swimmers.

D&J Sports, our local outfitter located at Anderson Mill Road and the 183 north access road behind Texas Roadhouse has all suits in stock along with sizing kits.

On a “normal” swim suit note, we’re progressing nicely in coming up with a custom suit for this coming short course season. I think you will all be pleasantly surprised at how cool our team suits will look!

That’s it for now. Thank you for being a part of Nitro, and I’ll see you at the pool! Coach Mike.

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