The Nitro’s – Awards and Very Special Guest Speaker!

The Nitro’s !  Here are the details – please read all!

Our end of season get together/recognition/recap/ awards presentations are now known simply as “The Nitro’s.”

In the past we have limited it to Nitro athletes only plus parents. This year we’re opening it up to everyone related to our Nitro program – all groups, siblings, parents, grandparents, etc.

This year we are kicking it up a few notches. Once we have recapped the Long Course and Short Course seasons, acknowledged the award winners from Advanced Silver and above, we will take a short 5 to 10 minute break.

The second half of the event will feature a very special guest speaker that will make a life-long positive impact on every member of your family.

We are very pleased and super excited to be bringing in 2011 NCAA Wrestling Champion and  2011 ESPN Inspirational Award Winner Anthony Robles to spend the evening with us.

If you click on the link right here,    it will give you a better idea of why this young man is so special.

Saturday, March 31st, 5:30-8:00PM, at the Lake Travis High School Performing Arts Center (or PAC). Cost is $10 per person, but take my word for it – I can’t think of a better $10 investment. Dress is casual, although many of our athletes like to dress up a little for events like this.

Snacks will be available through the Lake Travis HS Boosters.

We have 1425 seats available, and you can register online through our website under our events tab just like a meet entry. You may have to enter as a “new member” depending on who you are registering to attend.  Go to our website, sign in to the team site, and register through the “events” tab.

I would strongly suggest that you secure your spots early. As soon as the seats are taken, there will be no additional room. We’ve had some other local sports groups express interest in attending to see Anthony, but we’re waiting until about a week before the event to see if we’ve sold out by then.

This is a very cool event, and I hope you can attend.  Registration is now open.  Thanks for being a part of Nitro Swimming. Coach Mike.

Click here to register.

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