Ten Nitro Swimmers Named to USA Swimming’s Scholastic All American Team

USA Swimming announced it Scholastic All-American team this week and Nitro has 10 swimmers on that list ( plus one pending ) as well as two swimmers that qualified with their former teams.

This is a huge honor and accomplishment and something we at Nitro stress immensely as this embodies the true student-athlete and goes on resumes for life!  Requirements are a 3.5 GPA as well as meeting the time standards.
This years qualifiers are:

Josh Anderson
Bridget Boushka
Lauren Davis
Mackenzie Franklin
Felicia Gilson
Zach Gunn
Rebekah Harvey
Nathan Howells
Annika Jonsson
Katie Morgan
Congratulations also to Maddie Edwards (CAC) and William Licon (COPS) who were selected with their former teams.

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