Nitro TAGS 2012 – Incredible Race – Must See Video

Read Coach Mike’s Intro before watching the video:

“I was a bit below my standards this past TAGS Championship meet on the daily postings of score updates, top 8 finishes, event winners, even remiss on sending out a complete TAGS recap after Nitro captured its 5th consecutive Texas Age Group Swimming Championship. Quite the feat from our program, and I am very proud of how far we have come and where we are today. There was something that occurred in this meet that I had never seen before, and I doubt that I will ever see something like this ever happen again. Two twin brothers, Luke and Isaac Gwin, both were in the maximum number of events allowed by meet rules. They happen to both select the 100 meter backstroke. Heading into finals on Saturday night, Isaac was seeded #1 and Luke was close behind at #2. Isaac had a slight edge on Luke at the first 50, and the two of them began to distance themselves from the rest of the field on the second 50. They were both charging home and Luke was making it very interesting, as he made up the lost ground as they both were racing for the finish. It looked stroke for stroke, anyone’s race – Luke-Isaac; Isaac-Luke; ONE LAST STROKE AND…”
— Coach Mike

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