Nitro Swim Team Update from Coach Mike – October 19, 2021

We’re rolling with all wheels engaged and all cylinders cooking as we approach the middle of October. The positive energy on our pool decks is unmatched anywhere. Come see for yourselves.

  1. I have taken the liberty to “borrow” some of Coach LeAnn’s note to her group regarding our dryland component. Even if you have a swimmer who is in a group that does not actively offer dryland, the information is fantastic and for everyone here at Nitro :

  “Swim Strong Dryland  (SSDL)  is up and running strong.  There are few things you should know to help your swimmer navigate and get the most out of this amazing resource:

    • Make sure they are watching the videos before dryland. Preferably practicing along with them.
    • They should be doing the Mobility Training twice a week on their own. The videos are very clear about instructions and I’m happy to answer questions. There simply isn’t time to get 5 dryland sessions a week in on deck.  They MUST be doing  Mobility Training on their own.
    • We will be participating in SSDL “test out” week during the week of October 18.  The swimmers will not do regular dryland, rather we will test each athlete to see where they are and record the results.  They will be competing against other  swimmers their own age across all of the teams doing SSDL.
    • Here are the links to the test standards. Study up!

   *****Also related to SSDL, there is a Nutrition component available to you on-line.  Please take advantage of this great resource.”*****

Training Tab Password: @llergicToAverage
Nutrition Tab Password: EatLike@Champion


  1. We made a pretty sizeable investment in additional dryland equipment as well as an in-water training device for our upper end/ older groups called the GMX-7. We have 8 for Bee Cave and 8 for Cedar Park. I think you’ll be hearing about these from the kids as they begin to familiarize themselves with them.

To see more of what this device is, see:

Coach Charlie was trying one out yesterday, and Coach Flo and I tried one out this morning. I guess I’ll say be careful what you wish for! It is TOUGH!! Excited to see these put into practice!


  1. In case you’re ever wondering what the Coaches do during the day while waiting for practices to start back up, we are sharing information with each other – pool to pool, group to group, Coaches to Coaches, etc. We share a lot. What worked, what perhaps didn’t work, what we’re going to attempt this week, etc. Here’s a quick note from Coach Charlie (Lead Coach of our Performance Groups at CP) I just read:

  “Y’all should have seen the quiet and reserved Amy Park Monday night. I’m going to brag on her. Holy smokes. Main set was 20×50 @ 2:00 off the blocks. The group did fantastic – too much fun and speed to quantify. Amy did them all fly – tough as nails. 27.5 on nearly all of them. Maybe 5min after #20, the rest of the group lined up on the side of the pool and Amy was given an opportunity for a gut check – she popped off on #21 for the “fans in the stands.” 26.3!!! On number 21! AMY PARK!!  Who buys a race car and keeps it in the garage? Not Amy Park! Next time, she’s doing a 100.”

  1. THAT’S the sort of stuff that is going on at Nitro. Every Day. You all are welcomed to come and check out our practices. Just no coaching from the bleachers!!! But I know that Nitro parents know that already!
  2. That’s it for now. Thank you for being a part of Nitro, and I’ll see you at the pool! Coach Mike.
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