Nitro Swimmer of the Month for September 2014

Cedar Park

High School Training: Ethan Chadwick – Ethan has stepped up his game this season.  He’s been impressive on hard sets, particularly with HRHI sprint sets.  Ethan is a sharp athlete who can easily make a serious atmosphere into a goofy one, but when he’s ready to work hard, he turns it on.  He’s a good inspiration for his teammates to hit the ground running this season.  Keep it up, Ethan! – Coach Alex

TAGS 2: Zach Bann – Zach has been one of the all around leaders of our training group, he works on keeping everything on track during practice and being a swimmer who can make other smile. Zach had a phenomenal IMX Meet this weekend dropping significant amount of time in most events. Very proud of the work he has done so far this season and looking forward to his motivation and confidence to rise throughout the season. – Coach Flo

TAGS 1: Grey Player – Grey has really stepped up his training this fall. Coming off an unsatisfied summer, Grey has shown up everyday and has arguably been the hardest worker in the group.  His increased level of personal commitment to his goals has been awesome to see.  Well deserved praise for someone who has earned it! – Coach Elliott

Senior: Connor Gamble – Connor has been working extremely hard on changing some of his bad habits in the water and it showed at the IMX meet. He swam lifetime best in all his events and was 2 seconds away from an “A” time the first time swimming the 400 IM!! His attitude and leadership in practice fall nothing short of excellent and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has in store for him! Great job Connor! – Coach Jeremy

National Development: Adam Toler – Adam has done everything we have asked of him during this first month of the short course season. He has been a leader in the water and out of the water. His attendance level is above 90% and on the rare occasion of him missing a practice he communicates thru email or verbally to let Coach Elliott and I know. Then he always asks if there is a way he can make-up the practice and follows through with the make-up practice. He is the only swimmer who has attended all theFriday morning practices thus far. He battled tough this weekend at the Nitro IMX Meet and swam better on Sunday even though he was exhausted and sore. He has been a great leader for the group and has help set a positive atmosphere/tone for the group early on in the season. – Coach Rob

Bee Cave

TAGS 2: Yasmina Buhl – Yasmina has really been trying her best to do all the little things correctly.  She has really been improving her underwaters and is way ahead of where she was just a few weeks ago.  Changing your technique isn’t always easy but with a positive attitude and great effort I am seeing big improvements with her.  Keep up the hard work! – Coach Scott

TAGS 1: Julia York – Julia has had a great month of training in our newly formed TAGS 1 group. She comes to practice everyday ready to take on whatever challenge is presented.  No matter what the set is, Julia steps up and gives it her all.  All this hard work paid off with a terrific performance at our IMX meet.  Her 400 IM was an awesome swim, especially on the breaststroke leg! Congratulations on a great month! Keep working hard and this will be an amazing season! – Coach Jason

Senior:Emily Warkentin – Since joining Senior Emily has been on fire! I have really admired her constant effort day in and day out at every single practice. She has really caught the attention of the coaches with her under waters with a purpose!  She gets better and better each and every practice. I can’t wait to see her swim in a meet, keep up the great work Emily! I’m very proud of you! – Coach Adrian

National Development: Michael Smith – Since joining the group in August, Michael has been very dedicated to the group. Michael has a great work ethic and is constantly looking for ways to improve. He is very focused when working on drills and embraces every set as a challenge. Michael has been working very hard to improve his breaststroke and IM events. He put up some very nice early season swims at our IMX Meet to kickoff the season. Congratulations Michael, keep up the good work! – Coach Jason


National Group Swimmer of September: Regan Barney – The September SOM for the Nitro National Group is Regan Barney. Regan had an incredible month starting with her usual perfect attendance and incredible work ethic. Regan trains with a focus and intensity not seen in many 15 year old girls. She has a pure passion for the sport of swimming and is doing everything she can to be the very best she can be (i.e.- see Garret Weber Gale talk). Regan also got named to the USA National Select Camp in Colorado Springs…an honor very well deserved through her success in the IMX events denoting a truly well rounded swimmer. Lastly Regan had a dominating performance at the Nitro IMX meet winning every event she swam and coming away with a few LTB times…incredible for September but also a tribute to how quickly she ramped up her training. Well done Regan! – Coach Tim & Coach Rob

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