Nitro Swimmer of the Month for October 2016:

Cedar Park

Sectional Development: Alex Hoang

Alex shows up to workout everyday prepared to work his tail off. He brings a great attitude and tackles every challenge his coaches throw at him, including swimming the majority of a workout butterfly. His dedication to meeting his goals is evident and his efforts are reflected on his teammates. —Coach Dan

Senior: Garret Gray

After every single workout Garret makes a point to come and ask what he needs to work on, followed by a thank you and a high five. Without a doubt he lets his coaches and teammates know why he is a member of the Nitro family-he loves swimming and he wants to get better EVERYDAY. His great attitude makes it a blast to work with him and brings up others that swim with him! —Coach Dan

TAGS 2: Paula Warren

Paula always brings a big smile and a positive attitude to practice. She works hard and encourages others to do the same. She is a young NITRO leader for sure. —Coach Daniel

TAGS 1: Trisha Filimoehala

Trisha has been with only a few weeks, literally moving from Hawaii to Texas and getting in the water before she ever settled in. Trisha is gets to practice and asks what can she do extra today, if I stop her to giver her technique corrections at the end of that practice she asks me if she can miss the two laps she missed while I was giving her feedback. She has very quickly made really good friends in the TAGS 1 group and is adjusting to her new life her in Texas. We look forward to a great season with her and lots of success in the pool. —Coach Flo

National Development: Jacob Stubbs

Jacob has been an outstanding leader at practice. He is always looking to make changes and does a great job of leading by example. I was super impressed with our goal meeting and things that he would like to see happen within the group and for himself this season! Keep up the great work and keep the process in mind!! —Coach Jeremy

Bee Cave

HS/MS Training: Sierra Averill

Sierra and I go back to her days in Gold before she joined the Middle & High School Training group. We often clash about whether Westlake or Lake Travis is better and keep that rivalry going every time we see each other. Despite this difference in opinion, I was very excited when I learned Sierra would be joining my group. I knew she would be an immediate leader of the group and bring that big personality of hers. It’s been a joy having her in the group, and I look forward to continue coaching her. Also, shout-out to Sierra for getting an A on her Spanish quiz that she thought she was going to bomb. Great job, Sierra! —Coach Peter

Senior: Allison Osorio

You train as hard as you can, find a way to smooth out the glitches, work on the breathing, underwaters, turns, repeats, but the only way to know if it is working is to swim the meet. The true test is to swim your 200s, in a short race you fall back on your heels, push the start to deep, jam a turn, and its over see you at the next meet. The 200 requires you to race, to pace, to even split, to use ever energy source you can anaerobic and aerobic, the body needs to be conditioned to deal with more than just 60 seconds of pain. Allison has quietly been improving her yardage, her kick, and cleaning up the body line by repositioning her breathing. The test came at the TXLA Meet, where she dropped 14 seconds in her 200 IM, then found a way to improve 8 seconds off her 200 backstroke, and on the last swim of the meet, in a race she was not too keen on, the 200 breaststroke, she dropped 9 seconds! Imagine the confidence builder this kind of improvement will have on her 400 IM! I have never been more proud of a swimmer, Great Job Young Lady! —Coach Chuck

TAGS 2: Matthew Sabuda

Holy Cow!! This guy stepped up big in the past month of training and racing. Since joining TAGS 2, Matthew has shown that is work ethic, attention to detail, and overall strength in the water have him right in the mix of achieving his goals. He has done a great job of getting along with all of his teammates on a daily basis, and adds a great element to the group. From being the bottle-flipping champion, to cracking jokes with the boys in the middle of a kick set, he always has a smile and is a great addition to the group. I am excited to watch him progress over the next few months, but up until now he is doing a great job of balancing everything from friends, school, and swimming. Way to go Matthew!!! —Coach Allison

TAGS 1: Sergio Pereira

My second “Swimmer of the Month” and it was a hard decision to make. Exactly six weeks into the season, what a performance from Sergio Pereira. Closing the first block of the training with five one AAAA, five AAA’s and one AA during the first meet of the season. Results like these are definitely the best reflection of the daily job in practice. KEEP UP the good work Sergio! This is just the beginning. FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!!!! SI SI SI!!!!

—Coach Felix

National Development: Katie Tuohy

Katie Tuohy, 16, is September ND SOM.  Katie has excellent practice attendance and drive.  She swam a few best times at our first official UT meet over the weekend.  Katie is eager to improve and is continually asking the right questions as to how she can improve.  Katie has been working to improve her backstroke start daily.  She commits to asking for a few minutes to work on her start each practice.  She is a hard worker and great team mate.  I look forward to seeing her make several sectional events this season. Keep it up Katie! —Coach Randy

National Group: Corban Rawls

Corban has been hard at work balancing school, recruiting trips and training.  You would never know how stressful it has been for him because every day he’s at practice his positive energy is infectious.  This past month, he’s shown himself to be a leader by example and a leader by action too!  He then came to this weekends TXLA meet and posted a big time lifetime best in the 1000 Free!!  Most impressively, a college coach called Coach Elliott to directly compliment Corban because he was the only recruit to do a full workout while he was on a recent recruiting trip.  In doing so, Corban represented himself and Nitro in the best way possible!! —Coach Elliot

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