Nitro Swimmer of the Month for May 2016

Cedar Park

High School Training: Taylor Foight – Congratulations Taylor you are May’s Swimmer of the Month. I notice your effort and hard work every time you come to Nitro. From dryland to swim practice you give it your all. This past month you competed well at the TXLA End of School Splash posting some of the fastest times in the HST Group which is very impressive. Over the past month I have also seen improvement in your flutter kick as you battled through many challenging kick sets. You are setting the example for what it means to be a dedicated swimmer for the rest of the group. Thank you and keep it up! – Coach Ben

TAGS 2: Karsten Olsen – This past month we have seen quite confidence start to build up in Karsten. He has embraced all challenges during practice and has been trying to push his teammate’s everyday thru every set. He was able to carry his training momentum right into our last UT meet and had some phenomenal swims during the meet. Looking forward to seeing your continued effort during practice as we head into the last two months of our Long Course season. Congratulations and keep up the great work. – Coach Travis

TAGS 1: Ethan Chen – Ethan just came back from being sick for two weeks in a row, he has worked his way back with the group and is looking strong heading into the Summer Schedule. Looking forward to what his swimming holds as training wise he is continuing to make gains on a daily basis. – Coach Flo

Sectional Development: Cole Harris – Cole has been working his tail off in practice over the last month and has seen the benefits in his swim meets. He continues to push himself but more importantly his teammates to be better everyday. Keep up the great effort and attitude! – Coach Jeremy

National Development: Andrew Osorio – Andrew has been putting together quite a bit of work in practice on a daily basis. He likes to goof around but when it comes time get to work Andrew puts his head in the water and swims. Keep up the effort Andrew. –Coach Flo

Bee Cave

Middle School & High School Training: Knox Alvarez – Knox has taken some significant strides to improve his swimming this month. He is continuing to get stronger and faster with every practice. He had perfect attendance for the Month of May and he always showed up ready to focus on technique and to swim fast. He has definitely stepped up as one of the leaders of the group, and as a coach, it is great to watch him try his best every single practice. Thanks for the hard work, Knox! Keep it up!

TAGS 2: Logan Walker – Logan truly is a joy to work with. In the past few months I have seen him take a more relaxed approach to the sport and truly start to love coming to practice an bring around his team mates. While he is the first person to step up on the blocks and race past everyone, I love his drive to compete and what I like to call “fire in his belly”. When he gets up on the block he races with everything he has. I would love for Logan to take the positivity he has gained in the past few months and let it drive him to continue to train as he turns 12 and beyond. – Coach Allison

TAGS 1: Eric Li – He has shown increased level of dedication in practices and meets this past month.  Eric has also been committed to working on stroke corrections more than ever.  He has shown great practice attendance and drive as well, often stepping up as a lane leader throughout his practices.  Eric swam the end of school year meet at UT with all new best times, and with big time drops.  I look forward to seeing this new focus and determination pay off for Eric over the course of the remaining Long Course season, and into his swimming future. Keep up the great work Eric Li! – Coach Randy

Senior: Madison Eppard – Practice after practice Madison has been learning how to train, the focus, when to turn up the effort, how to work the length, pacing, tempo, all new ideas when you apply them to the longer events. She has done a great job adjusting to the increased work load, and has been right in the thick of the racing when we time swims on Thursday. She is challenging herself with good pace, stepping outside the comfort zone when asked, and willing to take a risk, going out faster than she likes yet still hold Form and timing on her strokes. We should see some big growth from Madison this Long Course season. Great job young lady! – Coach Chuck

National Development: Julia York – Julia continues to take her training to the next level. She has fully committed herself to the group and has seen some very positive results. She continues to make improvements on her butterfly and backstroke which have greatly improved her IM’s. Keep up the great work! – Coach Jason


National Group: Micah Slaton – Micah has shown a lot of commitment to the process it takes to improve.  At our Atlanta Elite meet, he just missed his Olympic Trials cuts.  He stayed focused and confident, and went to the TXLA End of School Splash meet and got his cuts!  It was a great month, but it was two (plus) years of development that got Micah to where he is now. – Coach Elliott

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