Nitro Swimmer of the Month for June 2015

Cedar Park

High School Training: Nicole Sprencel – Nicole is a relatively new face to High School Training, but her impact has been surely felt. Having the privilege of working with Nicole while in Silver, I became well aware of not only her ability, but her character. Nicole is the swimmer who never complains, pushes herself, leads the lane, always shows up to practice, and better yet, always shows up early. Coming into HST, where the group is a little older and does a bit more swimming, I was eager to see how she would respond. Respond she did. After a brief spout of natural adaptation, I’ve seen a clear resurgence of Nicole’s confidence in the water and in herself. And although not always leading the lane (yet), no matter what the set is, I can count on this humble warrior to arm herself with a genuine smile, put on her game face, and dare someone to outwork her. Without a doubt, she makes HST better in and out of the water, and I look forward to seeing what is to come. Thanks Nicole for being in our group, and apart of Nitro! – Coach Nick

TAGS 2: Molly Sparrow – Molly has done a fantastic job so far this summer, her practices have gone to a new level of training from what she was used to before, daily she checks in with me and what she needs to improve on and how she feels she did that day and what can she continue to do to improve. Her effort has been rewarded at meets as well having significant time drops in all events, swimming phenomenal 400 IM at First Colony meet as well as a great 200 Breaststroke. Very proud of Molly and effort! – Coach Flo

TAGS 1: Bella Zapata – Bella had a very strong June. It started with a great invite where she dropped lots of time in multiple events.  But she didn’t stop there. Bella’s consistent and rapidly improving practice performance has been very impressive this past month.  She could have grown complacent after the invite but Bella has worked as hard as ever and is bound for more fast swims. – Coach Elliott

Senior: Dylan Gonzalez – Dylan has been hard at work on land and in the water this summer. He has been coming to practice with a positive attitude and has been performing the best I have seen him perform at practice and at meets. He has made changes in his race strategies and has been getting stronger and stronger on land. I know that all this hardwork will pay off for him in the future! Keep working hard and getting better everyday! – Coach Jeremy

National Development: Kaitlyn Freeman – Kaitlyn has been quietly improving daily in practice.  The last month or two has been her best training in the last year. She’s done this by consistently taking ownership of improving her weaknesses. The other week at UT she was able to achieve her first Sectionals hard cut.  A time well earned. – Coach Elliott

Bee Cave

Middle School & High School Training: Michael Wallace – To say that Michael has had a long year would be an understatement, injury, illness, to many to count, but the young man I’ve been watching since I took over the group is a different Mr. Wallace! Michael is a charger, he leads, the kick is twice as strong as I remember, his face has a desire on it, no longer a look a pain but one of excitement! To quote a friend Michael has “found the Love!” Michael is back and charging better than ever! Keep up the great work young man! – Coach Chuck

TAGS 2: Natalie Klaas – Natalie has been working hard and racing even harder.  She had a great meet at the Texas Open and dropped a ton of time.  What really stood out to me, more than her times, was the effort she put into those races.  She attacked the races as soon as she hit the water and didn’t wait until the last 25 to get it going.  Natalie is a great example of how you can still train and race hard even if you’re not always leading a lane in practice.  Great job Natalie! – Coach Scott

TAGS 1: Kaitlyn Rouse – Kaitlyn had a terrific month! She is really seeing the results of her hard work. One area that Kaitlyn is excelling is in her distance events. At both the FCST & Texas Open meets Kaitlyn saw many best times and raced extremely well.  She is also constantly looking for ways to correct her technique. Congratulations on a great month! – Coach Jason

Senior: Abigail Wilkinson – Abigail has been on fire the whole month of June. She has elevated her training to a whole new level. I have really enjoyed seeing her training jump to the next level. All of her training surely showed at the Texas Open where she knocked out several new A times for STAGS. Keep up the great work! – Coach Adrian

National Development: Marissa Miara – Marissa has had a fantastic long course season. She has committed to several technique changes and has worked extremely hard at every practice. At the Texas Open, Marissa saw her hard work payoff with multiple best times! I am so proud of your dedication and work ethic. I am extremely excited for the short course season. Congratulations on a great month. – Coach Jason


National Group: The SoCal Training Trip Group – We want to recognize the participants of the TEAM training trip in San Diego. Every single individual worked their hardest for 5 days of doubles. At the beginning of the trip there were self doubts about doing doubles for 5 days along with dryland and TEAM activities… but every single person rose to the occasion every practice. Not only did they work extremely hard and push one another, they also came together as a closer, tighter team/family as well as displayed amazing TEAM spirit in the practices. They all have memories that will last a lifetime and friends that will last a lifetime as well. Now continue that momentum into the last month of long course and for the future. – Coach Tim & Coach Robert

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